PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

Dear Mummy, thankfully a new PJ Masks game landed on our doormat just in time for school holidays! It’s the new Team of Heroes PJ Masks board game! In the world of PJ Masks, the evil villain called ‘Romeo’ has created an army of robots that are advancing closer and closer to PJ Masks headquarters. We helped the masked heroes beat the villain in this exciting team game by using our strategy skills and superpowers to win.

PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

This is my first strategy board game and requires a bit more thinking as my mummy had to explain absolutely everything to me in detail. After a long-winded explanation of the game (while I drifted off and started playing with the little figures that come with the pack) it was finally ready to play. A good tip for adults is to read the instructions and game play BEFORE playing with little ones and then relay it to them. Have a look at our video to see what we mean!

We love the PJ Masks design on the box with the little window to show off the 3D playing pieces. Inside the box is one 1 game board, 35 playing cards, 4 playing pieces, 15 robot movers with stands, 1 Romeo’s lab, 1 Romeo’s lab base. You can play with up to 4 players as a team game which takes around 20 minutes to complete for ages 4+. It took us a little bit longer due to explaining the game play and even then I don’t think we played it right, but it kept me entertained.

PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

It’s really well made and the game board is sturdy and even took a beating as I sat and jumped on top of it. However we found the stands for the robots a bit hit and miss with some of the cards falling-out of them as we moved the pieces around the board, which was a shame. We loved how well made the little figures were and my mummy had to persuade me to put them back as I wanted to just play with them on their own.

PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

After explaining the rules we set to work positioning all the elements on and off the board, setting up the decks of cards and getting into the right frame of mind to beat Romeo on his quest to take over the PJ Masks Headquarters. Do you know what would have been nice? Having a 3D model of the actually headquarters for the board as we felt the 2D printed version on the game board lacked as a focus point.

PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

Even though I turned 5 this week it seemed a bit hard to get my head around so we actually played a very loose version of the game. My personal favourite element to the game is that you play it as a team. Although you take turns moving the pieces and making decisions, you aren’t playing against each other which means no sore losers. Win win!

PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

With each turn you get to make a choice between two options on the card you pick. I think when we played we did everything on the card which made the game go quicker. The cards have simple illustrations on depicting what you needed to do and how many number of spaces to move. This was good for my reading and number recognition. Observation skills are key as the game requires players to observe what is happening all over the board. It was fun weighing up my options as I moved around the board.

PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

For a game that teaches children to take turns, promotes decision-making, counting and observation this game has it all without the drama at the end of who wins…its always the heroes right? I think a few more plays and we’ll be experts at taking evil Romeo down!

Do you know a PJ Masks fan that would love this game? At around £19.99 we’d definitely recommend it for great family fun!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent this game in order to conduct the review. All wrong moves were made by ourselves!!







21 thoughts on “PJ Masks Team of Heroes Game Review

  1. My son loves PJ Masks as its his favourite show, so this game will be something he would really enjoy having.

  2. Sounds like a fun game for the whole family. It’s easy to get and it’s something that the kids won’t have a difficult time playing it. Will definitely share this with my kids so they can play it with my grandchildren!

  3. This looks fun! I have a little PJ Masks fan here at home too! I’ll have to keep an eye out for this game!

  4. This sounds like a fab game, and something my kids would really have loved when they were little. PJ Masks came out after their ‘cartoon’ age though, so they missed out.

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