New Rides at Peppa Pig World 2018 *oink oink*

Dear Mummy, we went to see the Queen ahead of the royal wedding! A lovely invitation arrived through the post inviting us to a special preview event at Peppa Pig World in Paultons Park, Hampshire. I was busting with excitement as I was invited to try out two new rides before they were open to the pubic!

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Meeting George

Paultons Park, near Romsey, is my mummy’s childhood theme park and she used to visit back in the 80’s when it opened. It’s come a long way since then and covers 140 acres with more than 70 rides and attractions. One of the main draws is Peppa Pig World dedicated to the popular children’s character which originally opened in 2011.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Just a tad excited seeing this sign…

We felt privileged to be invited down to witness the grand unveiling of two new rides, The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club. The sun was shining when we left for our short journey to the park, butterflies in our tummies and my invite in hand.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Pirate Island

Peppa Pig World now has a Queen’s Castle perfectly timed for the forthcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The new rides are both situated behind the indoor soft play area and next to Little Africa (another new attraction). The rides are suitable for children of all ages, as long as they’re accompanied by an adult and are great fun. Watch our video to see them in action.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Yummy new cafe

We loved all the extra characters around this special area from Gerald Giraffe by the picnic area to Mr Bull and his maintenance team digging up the waterworks! Paultons Park has also built a new cafe fit for royal visitors called The Queen’s Kitchen. We can testify that the food is rather scrummy after having a pizza slice and scones, they could do with some more fresh sandwiches though and more healthy options.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride

The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride

You can see the imposing The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride as you walk through Peppa Pig World and it really is the star attraction now as it looks awesome weaving its way through the castle! Up to six people can ride in a flying coach as it takes you on a monorail ride over the new park area. It’s slow-paced and gives great views across the whole of Peppa Pig World. We liked listening to Peppa and the Queen discussing picnic ideas as we travelled around and giggled with them.

Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club

The other new ride, Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, gave us the opportunity to take to the water. It’s like a lazy river ride which twists and turns like slow-moving bumper cars. The water is so clean and everything is beautifully detailed. We took a couple of trips on this ride and kept spotting different things as we traveled to the pirate island. Lovely little scenes are set up along the way like Peppa and The Queen jumping in muddle puddles and the Pig family enjoying a picnic.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Meeting Mummy and Daddy Pig!

The round boats can hold up to 4 people (including children) and the water pushes the boat along, under the castle and past Peppa’s friends on Pirate Island with a snoozing Grandpa Pig. It’s nice that people queueing get a great view too if the ride from the bridge.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Sweet delights!

The rest of Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World has over 5 acres of fully themed fun and there are already 7 fabulous rides including Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight, Grandpa’s Little Train, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride and my mummy’s favourite George’s Dinosaur Adventure. The decor of the park is ice creamed coloured with plenty of play and splash areas to hang out in.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Inside Peppa’s House

I like taking my mummy on the Windy Castle and making her feel dizzy by spinning her around high up in the sky! I’m also a huge fan of indoor play area, Georges Spaceship Playzone as it gives me the opportunity to let off energy in all types of weather. Of course no trip to Peppa Pig World would be complete without seeing the piggy family in person and you can visit Peppa and her family in their house! With several cafes and the only dedicated Peppa Pig shop in the world just make sure you take lots of pennies to buy souvenirs.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Princess Bella for the day!

Outside Peppa Pig World there is an amazing variety of things to see and do at Paultons including; wonderful gardens and nature trails, scary rides, small rides, play areas and a great collection of exotic birds and animals. We also like the Lost World, a dinosaur area with amazing rides and animatronics. There’s so much to see at Paultons Park and too much fun for one day!

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Mr Bull causing havoc!

We’d definitely recommend a season ticket for best value for money and it means you can return as often as you like to see the areas you missed, as you only need to visit four times in the year to save money. You could easily spend your whole day in Peppa Pig World.

Peppa Pig World New Rides 2018
Amazing gift shop!

Children under 1 metre tall are free, so its definitely worth going when they are in toddlerhood! A ticket for anyone over 1m and under 60 years old is £34.35, with over 60s at £31.75. Make sure you check out the Paultons Park website in advance to see offers.

We had an oinking good time! *oink oink*

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were offered preview tickets in return for an honest review of the new rides at Peppa Pig World, all photos and happy smiles are our own.


New Rides at Peppa Pig World 2018 – Pin for later 


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30 thoughts on “New Rides at Peppa Pig World 2018 *oink oink*

  1. How cute is this place , I am going to find an excuse to go there, just need to find a child first. 🙂 I will take my nice.

  2. Oh I so need to take my kids here (especially while the little one would be free!) They’re obsessed with everything Peppa Pig! I love that they have a new ride opening for the Royal Wedding, how fun!

  3. My kids loved Mr Bull digging up the road to mend the burst watermain – makes me chuckle that they notice the small things and not necessarily the new rides

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely time checking out the new rides at Peppa Pig World. The monorail looks awesome. If we’re ever back in the UK we must bring our son as I’m sure he’d enjoy it!

  5. Watched your vlog and loving the look of these new rides at Peppa Pig world – so much fun for kids and I think it’s brilliant they have expanded this area! My boys loved it when we visited last and will have to go back again now to check out the 2 new rides

    Laura x

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at Peppa Pig World, everything looks so great. My stepdaughter would love to go here as she is crazy about Peppa! x

  7. Wow what a great day out and beautiful pictures captured for memories would love to go it’s jusg a little too far for us

  8. Ooh I so went to take my two to Peppa Pig world I think they would love it. We have Thomas land near us and they think it is the best thing ever! It is a bit far for us but perhaps we could make a weekend of it. I am glad you enjoyed, what a great opportunity. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  9. I’ve never taken Cygnet to Peppa Pig world. My niece has been and loves it though. Pen x #familyfun

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