A Right Royal Affair – Celebrating the Royal Wedding!

Dear Mummy, we love a good wedding and I wasn’t around when you married Daddy so haven’t really seen one unfold before my eyes. Wedding fever hit the UK with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding recently and we spent the day watching the live coverage on TV.

The Royal Wedding Reactions
Celebrating the Royal Wedding

With M&S commemorative biscuits in hand and a nice cup of tea we plonked ourselves in front of the telly and had a tea party with some of my soft toy friends. Thankfully some ‘real friends’ joined us later for a BBQ party in the garden with Pimms, bubbly and a lot of bunting!

Royal Wedding Coverage
Watching the live coverage on SKY News

The worlds media descended on Windsor and even though we live nearby we didn’t brave joining the 100,000 strong crowd. A couple of weeks earlier we walked the Long Mile up to the Copper Horse in Windsor Great Park. During the wedding it was lined with people as far as the eye could see!

Royal Wedding Coverage
Tea and biscuits fit for a Queen!

Watching it on the telly was great fun and we also had a mini party to celebrate, it’s not everyday you get to watch a Royal marry. We hung up bunting and had a party in the garden, even some of the neighbours came round!

Royal Wedding Coverage
Celebrating the Royal Wedding

See our highlights from our day celebrating the Royal Wedding on our weekly vlog.

It was such a diverse wedding from the amazing array of guests from all walks of life to the awesome American Bishop, Michael Curry, who’s sermon brought flair to a long ceremony and raised a few smiles. It really was an inclusive wedding which people are still talking about for all the right reasons.

Royal Wedding Coverage
Celebrating the Royal Wedding

We couldn’t imagine the kind of pressure on the couple with the whole world looking on and I bet they were relived once the evenings festivities started. Did you watch the Royal Wedding or did you manage to escape all the hype? Let us know in the comments!

Love Bella x


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20 thoughts on “A Right Royal Affair – Celebrating the Royal Wedding!

  1. Oh I completely agree – the pressure they must have felt is ridiculous! It’s so lovely you made it into an event and celebrated with them 🙂

  2. It was a beautiful wedding wasn’t it, I bet they are quite relieved it’s over though and can get on with life together without us all staring

  3. We were out all day on Saturday so didn’t take part in any Royal Wedding hype but we did keep checking in on it through social media and online. Seems like you guys had a brilliant party for the occasion though x

  4. We had a mini celebration of our own while we watched the Royal Wedding at home and we all really enjoyed it. It looks like you had great fun too, the tea and biscuits fit for a Queen look so cute!

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