Going Gaga for Baby Secrets

Dear Mummy, you know I go gaga for anything baby related and when we saw Baby Secrets we just had to play with these miniature dolls. Anything I can get my tiny hands around or pop in my pockets is good for me and I love how sweet these surprise dolls look. When it comes to toys the smaller the better and I stash them everywhere, in the car, in mummy’s handbag and always accessible on the go.

Baby Secrets Review

Inside every Baby Secrets single pack there is a little bath tub with a miniature secrets baby toy. When you fill the tub with water, the baby’s nappy will change colour to reveal their gender!

Baby Secrets Review

Even though this toy is very gender specific, pink for girls and blue for boys, that didn’t put me off being gender neutral and I called the baby with the pink nappy Billy and Roxy for the baby with the blue nappy. The colour changing nappies last for a little while after they are taken out of the water, then they dry and return back to white again.

Baby Secrets Review

We were sent the Pram Accessory Pack (£12.99) to review and the set came with two babies and a secret baby hidden in a bath! In the range there are 50 babies to collect with limited edition babies to look out for. Woweeee! That’s a whole nursery right there! Included in the accessory pack is also a cute pram which the babies can lay in.

Inside the pack is a collectors guide and three birth certificates so that you can name your babies. There are also more accessory packs to collect in the range with a Rocking Horse Accessory Pack and a High Chair Accessory Pack listed on the back of the box.

Baby Secrets Review

We had lots of fun with our Baby Secrets and the surprise gender reveal adds to the excitement. This set is a real bargain as you get 3 dolls to play with and hours of fun. The Baby Secrets range is available online and from all good toy shops.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent this accessory pack to play with in order to conduct our review, all goo-goo ga-gas are our own.

17 thoughts on “Going Gaga for Baby Secrets

  1. I love buying new toys for my child and he also enjoys playtime. I’ll check online for these products and will ask him if he’d like to have these. Great post!

  2. Clever idea for a toy this. Going to show this blog post to my sister as her daughter has just got out of hospital and she would LOVE this as a present!

  3. They seem like lovely little babies. And it sounds like you’re exactly like my son when it comes to toys. His are EVERYWHERE with me regularly finding several Hot Wheels cars in my handbag!

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