Gazillion Bubble Pong Review and Reactions!

Dear Mummy, last week we were sent a fun new game called Bubble Pong! I don’t think you can ever get ‘too’ old for bubbles and my whole family loves playing with them. This game is similar to the original beer pong game that my folks used to play, where you bounce balls into cups – but this time there is no beer, just one machine which rewards you with bubbles. It’s basically Beer Pong for kids without the hangover! Well, unless you are my folks trying to clean up the mess afterwards!

Gazillion Bubble Pong Review and Reactions

You have to aim for your opponent’s holes in the machine to blast them with bubbles and the first player to score three times wins. It’s pretty tricky and is definitely harder than it looks! We ended up placing the balls in the holes as opposed to trying to bounce them in. I even at one point held a ball on the sensor to trigger the bubble reaction and held my mummy’s face on it! See our reactions on our review video!

I don’t mind-blowing bubbles in the garden but this machine also allows me to create my own at a touch of a button by switching the machine mode from ‘Pong’ to ‘Bubbles’ to activate a non-stop stream of bubbles. It’s a pretty neat concept to design a game out of bubble making. I didn’t realise just how competitive my folks were until we played this as a family and we all got a face full of bubbles.

Bubble Pong Review

In the box you’ll find bubble liquid, and the bubble machine (with a couple of clip-on wings and holes) and six ping-pong sized balls. The game is really quick to set up out of the box and it comes pretty much assembled, you just need a small screwdriver to add in the batteries in the compartment underneath the base. You do need to hunt down 8 “AA” batteries as none are included in the box.

Bubble Pong Review

Pop on the ‘wings’ and put the balls in place. We filled the bubble liquid holders at the bottom with the liquid that was provided in the box and flipped the switch to ‘pong’ mode and pressed the ‘start’ button to activate. This can take some getting used to but you are good to go very quickly which is good when us little ones just want to have fun. There are three difficulty levels were you can swap the wings, holes and have no obstructions.

Bubble Pong Review

It does need to be on a flat surface for the balls to bounce, we tried holding it, but the solution in the trays went everywhere! Silly mummy! Lights on the ‘dashboard’ indicated who’s winning and its the first person to light up 3 to win. You might not be guaranteed to win but you are guaranteed to get a few laughs, giggles and bubble faces! Be patient as the sensor pads didn’t always trigger so this may be a design flaw or intentional to make the game last longer and build the suspense. I sadly am still learning the concept of patience ; ) and couldn’t wait to blast mummy with the bubbles at any opportunity! I’m not sure which was more fun, blasting mummy or chasing after the balls.

Bubble Pong Review

It’s great that Bubble Pong (£19.99) also doubles up as a bubble machine and you can just flick the switch and chase bubbles around the garden which was a nice spin on a bubble machine concept.  Gazillion Bubbles have a huge range of products and we have never been let down by the bubble making ability of the liquid!  Highly recommended and available from Amazon, Tesco, Smyths!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent this game to review, all screams, cheating and shrills of laughter our own.

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21 thoughts on “Gazillion Bubble Pong Review and Reactions!

  1. The concept of this game sounds great but I’m also still learning patience and I’m definitely about instant gratification, especially with bubbles. I hope they fix the delay for future games!
    C x

  2. What a perfect game for the summer. I love how it doubles up as a bubble machine too, making it fab to bring along to a garden party or picnic for entertainment. Mine would go wild for this – so off to investigate where to get one from 🙂 Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam xx

  3. This looks like a hoot – I can imagine the giggles from my boys already. Its good that the balls are ping pong ball size – I guarantee we’d lose some within a week so good to know they can be replaced easily if the same size #triedtested

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