Kidztown Lowdown at Boomtown 2018

Dear Mummy, every once in a while an opportunity comes along that we are super intrigued about. Boomtown Festival has been on our radar for years, we only live around the corner from Matterley bowl in Hampshire, the home of one of the coolest festivals on the planet.

Boomtown for Kids
© Boomtown 2018

We never thought it would be suitable for families, making headlines for its diverse and theatrical storylines, hardcore music and beautiful people. It’s pure escapism on a massive scale, following a storyline that evolves each year to create a world within a world. A theatrically-led festival experience like no other. Hundreds of actors bring the film-like street sets to life where attendees (citizens) are encouraged to become their inner character and be a part of the story themselves… sounds a bit Westworld to us!

Boomtown for Kids
© Boomtown 2018

We can’t wait to experience the softer side of Boomtown and leave all the madness and bright lights to the party people. As Boomtown is split into 14 districts/areas which all have a different themes it’s easy to get drawn into another world. So we’re heading to Kidztown, where the youngest Boomtown citizens run the streets! This will be MY district.

Kidztown at Boomtown
© Boomtown 2018

We can’t wait to experience the abundance of entertainment laid on for families and we’ve danced with party purveyors Big Fish Little Fish before at many family raves, so we’re excited to see them again as they never disappoint and I love meeting the DJs and organisers.

Boomtown for kids
© Boomtown 2018

Kidztown even has its own stage called The Sandcastle Stage hosting acts such as Disney Rascal performing ska/reggae covers of favourite Disney tunes and Tantz, the Leeds based klezmer/Balkan beats/gypsy jazz bohemian group who’ve taken the UK world/roots music scene by storm. DJ Archie, will definitely be the youngest superstar to grace a Boomtown stage at only 3 years old!

Kidztown at Boomtown
© Boomtown 2018

Kidztown also offers a space for families to lose themselves in the interactive play adventures that can be found in the perfectly proportioned street venues such as; Post Office for some inky adventures, Rat-a-tat-tat Tattoo for face painting fun and The Piggy Bank to earn Kidztown cash.

Boomtown Kidztown
© Boomtown 2018

With so many activities and attractions available we won’t know where to start. Us kids can take part in workshops, learn how to produce shows, and develop budding broadcast skills at the brand new Radio Station, just wait till I get hold of the mic. I also get to try out woodworking and metal working skills at The Rusty Workshop too which will be great fun. I cant wait to see Daddy’s face as I grab a hammer and some NIИ!

Boomtown Kids
© Boomtown 2018

Other things that we’re looking forward to are

  • A trip to the circus at Panic Family Circus Big Top to watch interactive puppet shows and listen to stories,
  • Joining the circus practicing trapeze and hula hoop routines at workshops
  • Watching breakdancers
  • Heading to the sandpit for a bit of beach action
  • Flying high on the victorian swing boats
  • Practicing my singing at the Kids Caravan karaoke
  • Creating concoctions at the Alice in Wonderland themed Science Tent hosted by the SAW Trust 
  • Making t-shirts with Krafty Kids
  • Watching interactive mime, physical theatre and walkabout characters
  • Enjoying children’s shows at the Rhubarb Theatre 
  • Hanging out in the trees at Forest School with Art Play Environment, South Downs National Park Trust and Woodland Tribe.

Boomtown Kidztown line-up

Boomtown also makes it easy for families wanting to stay the full weekend and camp with a dedicated family camping area in spacious meadows and a free family shuttle that runs between family camping and family car park and gate. The family campsites are situated near Whistlers Green and Kidztown for easy access to those fields.

Kidztown at Boomtown
© Boomtown 2018

Usual family facilities are available with kid sized toilets, as well as facilities for under 5’s in the Lazy Lounge; milk warming, changing facilities, baby massage, yoga and under 5s soft-play. As I’m now 5 and a half I’m hoping I might still be able to sneak into some of the under 5’s activities so I can let my younger followers know about them (or that’s the excuse I will use with Mummy!)

Kidztown 2018
© Boomtown 2018

Remember kids under 12 go FREE to Boomtown and tickets are still available on their website for adults

So is Boomtown really for us kids? Well, we’re going to find out…

Love Bella x

Burnished Chaos

11 thoughts on “Kidztown Lowdown at Boomtown 2018

  1. I really wish that we had something similar to us. Looks like a fantastic festival and great that it’s family friendly

  2. I absolutely love the sound of Boomtown. I use to live in Oxford and so have driven past it and the bands always sound so phenomenal. Definitely something I would love to be immersed in for a weekend.
    C x

  3. I love that there is a separate space for families to enjoy the activities and for parents to feel safer with their little ones around. I can see why you would be so excited for a weekend of fun!

  4. Wow that looks like such a fun festival and so much to do for kids! Amazing amount of stuff. We took Robert to a circus last year and he really enjoyed it so I hope you enjoy that aspect. Sounds like it’ll be a busy day. Enjoy and ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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