Alfresco dinning with the Eurohike Picnic Table Set

Dear Mummy, it’s been a whirlwind of a summer and we’ve had lots of awesome adventures out and about. Some of our best moments have been sharing quality time with family and friends while sat round our camping picnic table.

EUROHIKE Family Picnic Table Set Review

We love specialising outdoors and collapsable chairs and tables are so important when chilling out at a campsite plus helps keep the amount of bulky stuff we take to a minimum. We always make sure that we pitch a home away from home when we go on our camping adventures. As you can see we do tend to pack everything but the kitchen sink… well actually we have a bucket for that!

EUROHIKE Family Picnic Table Set Review

Having a camping seating area is a great focal point and a way camping buddies can sit together and soak in the camping vibe. It’s always nice to gather around at meal times to socialize. Having a picnic table to take with us to festivals and at family BBQs has been a lifesaver this summer. There’s nothing worse than having to balance plates on knees and eat, especially when kids are involved! Trust us, we’ve had Rice Krispie-Armageddon at breakfast time before!

EUROHIKE Family Picnic Table Set Review

Camping tables and chairs are always handy offering me a place to perch my bum to do crafting and to sit at to eat. However finding one that is compact and light to travel with yet large enough to accommodate our whole family and friends has been hard to track down….until now. We are really impressed with the Eurohike Family Picnic Table Set, the fold away tables and chairs make it easy to store and carry. Perfect for our camping trips!

EUROHIKE Family Picnic Table Set Review

We’ve relied on a cheaper £15-£20 version until now but it was showing its age and whilst great for the first few excursions, it wasn’t as stable as it could have been. We were on the look out for one that would last the summer festival season without breaking, warping or being damaged in transit. I’m happy to report that our latest addition to our camping crew the Eurohike Picnic Table has exceeded all expectations… and it’s lasted the distance. The seats fold flat into the table into a carry case with a handle for easy storage and transportation. Yes it’s a bit bigger and a bit heavier for daddy to cart around but it still fits easily into our roof box or boot and more importantly into my festival cart. I heard daddy say that it was more expensive than our old one but that it would last a lot longer and it could house a lot more of our food items and my bits as well whilst giving me room to play and eat as well.

EUROHIKE Family Picnic Table Set Review

More importantly it also survived a yellow weather warning at Camp Bestival, the downpours and drunken late night meals around the camp fires at Nozstock and putting it up multiple times with under 6’s sitting and leaning on it. With Corkscrew feet my daddy could adjust the table to ensure level surface on uneven ground. I love the fact that the seats are not joined to the table itself allowing easy access for kids and you can push it as far forward as you wish.

EUROHIKE Family Picnic Table Set Review

Yes, I think we have found the perfect camping table set. It’s even large enough to sit 4 adults and numerous children around it. Sturdy aluminium and excellent seats, though the stools do take a minute or two to get used to, it opens and folds in 1 minute, light and strong (in fact so strong it protected us when our one of our wind break poles snapped and tore through our porch during 45-50 mph winds at Camp Bestival. Had it not been for the table, the pole would have gone through our tent too). On a happier note we enjoyed a spaghetti bolognese or two and numerous breakfasts with it! The benches were really useful too, as we’ve used them since without the table up.

Heres the fun features:

  • Compact – seats fold flat into the table into a carry case with a handle for easy storage and transportation.
  • Corkscrew feet – adjust the table to ensure level surface on uneven ground.
  • 2x folding benches and 2x folding stools – plenty of seats for the whole family.
  • 3 section fold table – easy to pack away and store.
  • Suitable for 6 people
  • 120 x 90 x 70cm – table when open.
  • 35 x 35 x 40cm – stool when open.
  • 87 x 25 x 40cm – bench when open.
  • 93 x 41 x 16.5 – when packed.
  • Weight 12.5kg

Family Picnic Table Set Review

The price is higher than other entry-level versions however you certainly get what you pay for. We are now using it out in the gardens for alfresco dinning. Ready for our Indian summer. Keep you eyes peeled for it on the Millets website. The Family Picnic Table Set is now on offer at £89.00 from Millets and is a real bargain for what you get and the quality time with my mummy and daddy it gives me. I’m sure we’re going to get a lot of use out of it and it fits really well in our Voyager Tent Porch. Thanks Millets. 

love Bella x

Disclosure: Millets asked us for our opinion on the picnic table featured in this post. All thoughts and pictures are our own.

17 thoughts on “Alfresco dinning with the Eurohike Picnic Table Set

  1. When I was young we had a picnic table which was shambles compared to this one but we loved it and used it for a long time. Need to check out Millet’s ones.

  2. This is a great table and chairs, I don’t think we’ve ever had a table and chairs when we’ve camped but it’s so practical x

  3. I have never really been camping so I don’t really know about the equipment you take with you to a campsite. I did go for outdoors picnics though but we always had the plates on our knees when we ate, haha 🙂

  4. Oh this looks brilliant, I’d never thought about it before but something like this would be so handy for camping! Sounds great

  5. This campaign set looks awesome – we love to camp and have gone years using makeshift tables but we recently got a similar table and it’s so nice to be able to sit and eat properly as a family

    Laura x

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