Imaginative Play with Schleich Horses

Dear Mummy, hold onto your horses! We’re out of the starting gates and reviewing some brand new Schleich horses from the Horse Club range in our garden. We were sent four horses to play with and I couldn’t wait to saddle up, rip open the packaging and start racing these wonderful figurines.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

In previous reviews we’ve always praised Schleich products and these are no exception. Schleich are a great trusted toy brand and all the figurines are hand painted with attention to detail that is astonishing, in fact I could stare at them for ages spotting little features on their manes and the riders.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

The new Horse Club horses and riders come with four different characters to collect; Lisa & Storm, Sarah & Mystery, Hannah & Cayenne and Sofia & Blossom. Of course my favourite had to be Storm, the horse which looked a bit like Black Beauty with her white sock and diamond brow.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

The riders have matching detail to their horses which make it easier to establish the matching pairs. Hannah and her horse Cayenne have matching red vests, red ribbons and a red saddle pad while Sofia and Blossom both have purple flowers in their hair and mane. The saddles and bridles can be swapped around and come off the horses easily, even for little fingers and this is the first time I’ve done it myself without asking for help. The reins are also stretchy and can be manipulated to fit the riders grip and also used as a lead rein.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

I liked tying my horses up to the gates while they waited for their races against each other. The Schleich horses and riders are aimed at children aged 5-12 (with a minimum age of 3+) and I’m nearly six and enjoyed these immensely. In fact I have now asked for riding lessons for my next birthday. We introduce and play with the characters in our video below…

I had great fun tapping the horses on the table to mimic the sound of them trotting across the garden table and the horses really are sturdy, very robust and beautifully made. We can see them standing up to years of play and even when they aren’t being played with I like setting them up on my shelves and looking at them. It’s not just the horses that are well made, the riders are decent too and with flexible legs and arms they sit and position on the saddles very well, not falling off unless thrown from their trusty steeds.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

The realistic features and accessories really add to the play value and my imagination is captured playing with them. It’s nice that there is a massive range to support them, from horse care sets to stables, mobile vet and horse advent calendars. One thing that we missed on these sets though were riders hats. This would have made a good addition while also teaching safety to children as well.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

Schleich toys are excellent value for money and would make great heirlooms to pass down to future generations. With the other Horse Club franchised play sets you could build a whole imaginary world for little ones. Watch how I play with them on my video.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

But the fun doesn’t just stop with the figurines. There is a great website where kids can become a member of the horse club, play some fun games and download cool activity sheets and immerse themselves in the world of Lakeside and make-believe.

Schleich Horse Club Horses review

Each of the four Horse Club horses and riders cost £14.99 and would make some great gifts for Christmas! They are available from all good toy shops and online at

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent four Schleich Horse Club horses and riders in order to conduct our review, all thoughts and naying are our own.

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22 thoughts on “Imaginative Play with Schleich Horses

  1. I remember when I was little how much I used to love playing with toy horses. I had an entire collection of cowboys and I would imagine so many scenarios. Horses are great as toys.

  2. We love Schleich toys. We have a variety of big cats and elephants, but so far no horses. My little girl is only coming up to 4 so younger than the recommended age but I’m sure she’d have so much fun with these. #twinklytuesday

  3. I am always looking for opportunities to encourage my children to build whether it is with wood blocks, magnetic toys or other stackable toys. Since horses stay in a stable, my daughter used her wood blocks to create a space for them to be housed.

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