Floof Review – Indoor Play Snow!

Dear Mummy, at the beginning of the year we had an amazing amount of snow fall! I remember making snow angels and building snowmen. So we wanted to recreate the feeling of playing with snow (minus the cold and wetness) and we’ve found the perfect product!

Floof Revew

Its called Floof. Almost like the real white fluffy stuff but minus the mess and we don’t need to wait for the weather to change. We originally saw this new toy at BlogOnToys this year and couldn’t wait to get our hands on this fun tactile material.

Floof Review - Fake Snow

We were kindly sent two Floof kits to review, The Builder Set and the Mr and Mrs Snowman Building Kit. The builder set contains a play tray with 120 grams of Floof, two tools and a roller handle with two patterns.

Floof Review

The Snowman Kit contained 120g Floof as well as a play mat with a winter scene on. It would have been nice if the play mat had been slightly larger and made with a more durable material as opposed to laminated paper but it still worked ok. We had all the bits we needed to make two snowmen with 2 x hats, 2 x carrot noses, 2 x scarves, 2 x pairs of arms and lots of buttons to decorate. Watch us unbox and play with it!

The Floof was easily contained in the play tray, provided in the box, however we opted to play out of the tray as it was a bit easier! We found there wasn’t much room in the tray to roll and build and would probably be better suited for smaller little ones.

Fake Play Snow

The Floof is really lightweight, almost weightless and so soft. The material was fluffy and stuck together in small bits and was mouldable too, we had fun squashing and digging and compress it into shapes. It was very different to other things we have tried before and the texture was like a cross between candy floss (without the stickiness) and marshmallows.

Fake Play Snow Floof Review

The Floof Builder Set is available for around £14.99 while the Snowman Builder Set is priced at £12.99. Floof is also available in smaller 40g tubs, a massive 240g bucket and a starter set too. Floof is suitable for ages 3 plus and available from Smyths Toys and all good toy retailers. So who needs real snow when you can play with fake snow in the comfort of your own home? I had such a fun time playing with Floof and it would make a great present for Christmas for kids!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent some Floof to play with, all out thoughts and snow creations are our own.

30 thoughts on “Floof Review – Indoor Play Snow!

  1. I can’t think of a better gift than this. It’s fun, festive, and it promotes creativity and imagination.

  2. We’ve actually made sensory snow before and it’s super fun! My kids would love to play with Floof and make mini snowmen. Great gift idea too!

  3. I’d have liked this when I was younger! It’s a lot better than the slime craze at the moment (which has destroyed a carpet and several items of clothing in this household!) but I guess my children are a little old for this now 😦

  4. I would have been all over this as a teacher!! What a fabulous activity. You can make a snow day on any day!

  5. Oh wow, this is so cute. Perfect for Holiday gift. Ny kids woukd absolutely love this. I’ll have to check this out.

  6. Floof sounds amazing and something I know both my kids would love especially if it does not snow at our place this year. Thanks for the lovely review and video share

  7. Aw how fun is this?! My kids would seriously play with this all day! Bonus for me because I do not have to go out into the real cold snow 😉

  8. Wow, a snow toy, wonderful! Now you can make your enjoy snow even without the real sbow. No more waiting for the winter. And even if your in another countries that not fortunate to experience snow.

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