Surviving Snowmaggdon – My Snow Day

Dear Mummy, it’s not often that we see the white stuff in this part of the UK. Being just off the south coast of England temperatures never usually go below 2- degrees, however the “Beast from the East” was on his way!

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

We got a visit from the abdominal snowman traveling from Siberia to bring us his windchill and fluffy snow. Blizzards, strong winds, drifting snow and bitter cold caused disruption as the weather system nicknamed the “Beast from the East” combined with Storm Emma created some of the most testing weather experienced in the UK for years. Snow that we haven’t seen for at least five years and I have never seen in my lifetime. In fact it’s the worse snow storm since the 1980’s so not even my mummy can remember that far back.

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

Everyone was advised by the authorities to stay in and not make any unnecessary travel journeys. So we battened up the hatches as my folks worked from home. Schools across Hampshire were closed as children indulged in proper snow days, hidden underneath duvet covers watching telly, occasionally escaping into the great outdoors to explore the white snowy landscape.

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

I was one of those children and at first the idea of snow was amazing. I glanced out of my window by standing on a stool and watching the flakes fall and the gusts of wind blow the blizzard into our garden. The Met Office issued a red warning – its most severe alert – on Thursday as temperatures plunged and up to 50cm (20in) of snow fell on high ground in Scotland and west of the country. Thankfully much further south we had it less severe.

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

The snow really was a magical sight. However being outside wasn’t all that practical. It was super cold in the windchill up to minus 7- where we lived. The coldness nipped at my cheeks and into my snow boots (even though we were all wearing thermals and layers) we could only managed venturing outside for under an hour, dashing back inside to warm up with hot chocolate.

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

In between calls, emails and work my folks took turns to keep me entertained. The majority of the time I pottered around playing with my Schleich toys or baking fairy cakes and watching back to back Disney films.

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

We did managed to build a snowman and have a snowball fight in the garden. The snow wasn’t icy but soft, fresh, powdery and fine. We found some twigs from the park for arms and stones from the garden to finish him off. As UK became a victim of the northern polar jet stream, which twisted its direction unexpectedly, drawing in cold air from the east, the beast had us in his icy grip.

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

Both my mummy and I made snow angels on the ground, my first ever which was lovely to watch and capture in the memory bank. Further afield the chaos continued as the storm resulted in hundreds of cancellations and grounded flights and other travel headaches as it dumped snow on major cities. My Grandma got stuck at an airport trying to head back to Belfast!

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

Even though my folks knew the snow was coming they never expected as much snow as this. We had five inches of snow after the second day and it was still falling…

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

We didn’t want to shell out of a sledge for the sake of a couple of days, so took our trusty kitchen tray to the park to toboggan on. It worked a treat and both my folks and I had fun riding down the hills on it! Watch our video to see the tray in action (half way through)!

Even though we’ve been stuck indoors the majority of the snow days we haven’t had cabin fever too much due to breaking it up with mini expeditions into the snow.

UK Snow 2018 Dear Mummy Blog

We’ve gone through numerous gloves hats and waterproofs, loads of tea bags from continuous cups of tea to keep warm and eaten our weight in hot cross buns and mini eggs, well it is March after all.

Have you played in the snow? Has it been snowYAY or sNOway this snowmaggedon?

Love Bella x

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43 thoughts on “Surviving Snowmaggdon – My Snow Day

  1. We didn’t expect as much snow as we got but it was lovely to have two days of snowy fun. We have been sledging and snow painting and we were so grateful for our Lapland thermals

  2. It’s clear you made the most of The Beast from The East and Storm Emma’s influence in your area. I’m sure you had more snow than us, although we did just get enough together to go sledding on the hills. I was skeptical we were going to get some but I’m so pleased we did.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. Such lovely photos, looks like the kids had so much fun. We had a day off school yesterday and have been playing in the snow today. I’m ready for the warmer weather now and I’m not a big fan of snow.

  4. Ha ha love that snow”way” snow”yay” comment at the end. I’m a snow way kinda gal! I might feel differently when both my kids can enjoy it. The littlest is a bit young still. We got typical British snow of a sprinkle in the morning gone by the afternoon! You look like you were having so much fun, your snowman is ace, I’m told the snow was really powdery so good effort!! #countrykids

  5. I’m actually so jealous! Here in South Africa we’ve been having really hot weather the last few months… and my little family and I much prefer Winter! It just looks and sounds like so much fun (extreme conditions and all haha) – my little girl would love to make snow angels and build a proper snowman! 🙂

  6. Oh how fun!!! We have a big storm heading our way mid week. I think we will have a snow day. We are measuring it in feet! You know it will be a rough storm! #anythinggoes

  7. Aww it looks like you had so much fun in the snow – I can’t believe how much we all had. We visited Wales and it was over our knees!

  8. So fun you could enjoy the snow over there in the UK too 🙂 Your snow adventures look lots of fun. We go through lots of gloves, hats, and 2 sets of winter outdoor stuff here in Sweden everyday, the amount we are outdoors in the snow at school

  9. It has definitely been snowYAY in our house, even though my gang took turns running high temperatures. They spent as much time outside as is humanly possible, completely oblivious to the cold and falling snow. Definitely a highlight of the 2017-18 winter!

  10. We’re Hampshire too – we were beside ourselves when we found out we had some snow coming out way! We’re missing it already and hoping that we don’t have to wait five more years for a snow day again!

  11. Such lovely photos of you having fun in the snow. Looks like you had a little more than we did! It was very cold though – we had the same problem with only being able to enjoy it in short bursts. Love the snow angels and your snowman 🙂 #countrykids

  12. I am so jealous of all your snow! You had way more than we did. We didn’t have enough for snow angels, but managed a small snowman. Yours looks amazing!!!! We soon gave up too and went in for Disney films and hot chocolate. What a fun snowmaggdon you had! 😀

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