Go Bananas for Bandai BANANAS!

Dear Mummy, I’ve recently gone bananas for a new collectible called Bananas™.  They are perfect for a cheeky monkey like me. We saw these advertised on telly and at the London Toy Fair and I was lucky enough to get some for my birthday. The theme tune is pretty catchy and it’s a great idea for a collectible.

This is the perfect budget friendly toy from Bandai and you can collect one banana at a time (£3.99) or swing from the trees with a bunch of three (£9.99). They really have it all, the surprise element, the collectible characters and they are scented like real bananas!

Bananas Collectible Toys Bandai Review

There are six colours to choose from, including yellow, pink and blue! All the bananas are brightly coloured with a fantastic fresh banana scent. I couldn’t get enough of smelling them on my video!

Bananas Collectible Toys Bandai Review

You just peel to reveal the collectible cute Crushie character as well as lots of other special treats including two mini squeezable friends, gemstone stickers – the perfect addition to decorate your banana or Crushie, a collector sheet with character stickers and a hanging vine to display all of your Crushie friends.

Bananas Collectible Toys Bandai Review

There are a total of 24 ‘surprise’ Crushie friends to collect, including Rare and Ultra Rare Crushies. Grow your family by collecting members from all four banana trees. I was lucky enough to find one in a foil packet in Sainsbury’s recently and couldn’t believe my luck! It was a special edition one with a patterned banana skin!

Bananas Collectible Toys Bandai Review

These are great to hang off my gym backpack and a lot of kids at school have traded them as you can re-seal the bananas. I like linking them together and storing my new favourite collectibles. I love that you can hang the characters on their vines and display them, so they don’t get lost. The banana skin makes a great coin purse and a place to store nik naks.

Bananas Collectible Toys Bandai Review

Each Bananas Toy contains: 1 Crushie friend, 1 Crushie sticker, a collector’s sheet, 2 mini squeezable friends, a gemstone sticker sheet, and a vine. Bananas are available from Smyths, Entertainer, Toymaster, Sainsburys, Very & Littlewoods nationwide.

Bananas Collectible Toys Bandai Review

So what do you think of these cool bananas? They are really well priced as pocket-money toys (£3.99) and one of the cheapest collectibles on the market right now. Word on the grape-vine is that series 2 is on its way, so keep your eyes peeled *no pun intended*. So far the best birthday present I’ve had!

Go Bananas Go Go Bananas!

Love Bella x



19 thoughts on “Go Bananas for Bandai BANANAS!

  1. hahaha they’re so cute and colourful! I find myself wanting to buy them as gifts for my mummy friends or even for myself.

  2. These bananas are so cool and I can’t believe how cheap they are. I love that they smell of real bananas and that there are so many characters to collect.

  3. I love the idea of this collection. Perfect gift idea for my little niece. I searched for it and I can buy them in Amazon. Yayy!

  4. What a fantastic new idea which I know both our kids would love. The banana scent is also a cool effect for kids and peeling it only to find a cute gift is such an added bonus!

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