The day my birthday party got cancelled

Dear Mummy, we’ve had an eventful week with the crazy weather and my 6th Birthday on the cards. The prospect of snow was exciting, however we didn’t anticipate how much would fall in such a small space of time here in Basingstoke. On Friday, the day before my birthday party, I woke to a dusting of snow, maybe 3cm at a push. Enough for the schools to close so I was over the moon to enjoy an early birthday treat of a day off school and my first proper snow day!

Snow Day Birthday Party

However, as the day went on and the snow started to fall again it got thicker and thicker, we started to worry about the impact it would have on my Birthday Party. You see, Basingstoke grounds to a halt as soon as a snowflake falls here! Sadly our venue deemed the car park too unsafe and with a lot of people snowed in we were forced to cancel my celebrations. Like the wind I was bitter. Bitter that my birthday party was cancelled but thankfully it didn’t last for long…

Snow Day Birthday Party

After the initial shock if not having my all singing all dancing 6th Birthday Party I was soothed by the prospect of not just one but three snow days! We had a long weekend of frolicking in the snow. The most snow I have ever seen! The roads around my house were snowy and icy, so I was happily snowed in.

Snow Day Birthday Party

My folks, on the other hand, were a bit put out, trying to reschedule and call parents to make sure they didn’t arrive at a party that wasn’t happening. However, after all the stress and to avoid cabin fever, my mummy decided to join in the fun and play in the snow too. We played for hours until our feet turned to blocks of ice and we’d been through several jackets and winter gloves.

Snow Day Birthday Party

I even took my toys outside to the park and built an igloo for them, my first one ever. However we did build it at the bottom of a slide! So when the other children joined us to play we had to rebuild it several times! The snow seemed to melt fast and I was fascinated at the icicles that dripped on my head at my front door. I built a snow man in the back garden and discovered hulu hoops frozen in my paddling pool!

Snow Day Birthday Party

Being stuck in our neighbourhood is quite good fun as I have little friends as neighbours, so we played together, throwing snowballs and sleighing. It’s not the first time our car has been trapped outside our house, as you have to drive up a hill in order to drive down a steep hill to the main road. If you get stuck on the hills it’s dangerous and pointless to even try to escape. We watched people digging out their cars and abandoning them on verges. We were not surprised that local grit bins had been ransacked it seemed others weren’t quite as happy to be stuck.

Snow Day Birthday Party

It was all fun and games when Basingstoke even appeared on SKY NEWS regarding the massive tailbacks and the people stuck on the local roads due to an accident on the M3. My Daddy was one of the poor people stuck in the stationary traffic, watching people get towed out of the snow as the blizzard drew in. However Daddy has plenty of experience and managed to get almost all the way home having to abandon his car at the bottom of our hill. This did however allow him to get out the following day!

Snow Day Birthday Party

With more snow at nigh time, Basingstoke was looking more like a skiing resort, much to my folks amusement. Even our local pub looked picture perfect in the snow. It was nice walking around our neighbourhood and speaking to locals and its funny how a bout of bad weather can bring people and communities together.

Snow Day Birthday Party

We couldn’t get out of our close so ended up walking to do the food shop. As my venue for my party was closed due to unsafe roads and treacherous conditions, we enjoyed a snow day and a nice little walk up to our local pub to celebrate my birthday. They kinda saved the day too as had a table large enough to accommodate our family and friends that made it through the snow. It was great to have my Granny, Grandpa and Grandma with me on my special day as Grandpa has a Volvo and apparently they go anywhere even in the snow.

Snow Day Birthday Party

I travelled via sleigh as my daddy pulled me to my impromptu birthday lunch. So with my Mummy, Daddy, Grandparents and close friends we celebrated the day and I blew out my candles as we enjoyed my birthday.

Snow Day Birthday Party

Even though this wasn’t the birthday we had planned it was actually quite nice and one we won’t forget for a long time! It will always be the year I wished for snow and it arrived on my birthday.

Snow Day Birthday Party

Fingers crossed I get my proper birthday party with my school friends soon x I certainly hope it will be a bit warmer so I can wear my party dress! Did you guys get any snow? Let us know in the comments. Want to see the snow action? Then check out my snow day on film, here’s to another fun year ahead and the memories we hope to share with you all.

love Bella x

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22 thoughts on “The day my birthday party got cancelled

  1. The snow in Basingstoke sounds like like the snowfall here, I think it came to you a few hours later than us. What a shame to fall on your birthday plans but it sounds like you ended up with a great snow weekend and a party still to come, I’d say the best of all words and a lovely igloo! #CountryKids

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes. I am sorry your party was cancelled but it must have been magical playing in the snow.

  3. Oh wow you got so much snow! That’s such a shame that the birthday party had to be cancelled, but it just shows that children are happy doing the simplest of things to celebrate their birthday 🙂

  4. It’s such a same that the birthday party had to be cancelled. On the plus side 3 snow days!!! That must have been great fun.

  5. Oh bless you!! I’m sorry you had to cancel Monkey had his 4th Birthday cancelled because of Chicken Pox so I know the stress! Looks like you got some beautiful snowy pictures and had a lot of fun though. It will definitely be one to remember xx

  6. Oh what a shame your birthday party had to be cancelled. Snow is a much more fun reason to have to cancel though than a tummy bug which is what happened to Sophie for her 4th birthday party. You certainly had a lot of snow in Basingstoke and it sounds like you made the most of having three snow days to enjoy it. The sledge looks like fun (we’ve never done that!) and I love the igloo. Hope you get to enjoy your birthday party at some point now that the snow has gone. Thanks for sharing your snowy fun with #CountryKids

  7. I can’t think of a better reason to have to cancel a birthday party, and what gorgeous sunshine you had for your 3 snow days! We didn’t get much up here as we’re too near the sea but you’re right, your village looks very Alpine in the snow! Did Daddy’s tongue freeze to your balloon?! Silly Daddy! Thanks for sharing with us at #CountryKids

  8. Wow!! So much snow! Your house looks lIke it’s in a Winter wonderland! Sorry that the birthday party was cancelled but glad you had lots of fun in the snow instead! #CountryKids

  9. We are not far from Basingstoke and had horrible snow, I was stuck indoors for 2 days, glad your parents made the best out of the worst situation.

  10. Oh no it sucks that you had to cancel your birthday but on the flip side snow days are super fun so at least that was some kind of constellation

    Laura x

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