Lollipets Toy Review!

Dear mummy, love is in the air and we’re loving Lollipets! With Valentines Day now behind us we’re still sharing the love with these brand new toys kindly sent to us from Spin Master. They look so cute!

Lollipets Toy Review

These little collectible pets really move! If you hold their favourite lollipop treat (included) in front of them their floppy ears and tails will wiggle as they scamper towards it! Their lollipops are like magic wands and you can control where they go and train your pet. Hold their treat above to make them hop; behind to make them sprint; or to the side to make them dodge.

Lollipets Toy Review

There is a little power button which you can switch on to make them move and they are attracted (or repealed) to the magnets hidden within the lollipops. We also found that if you have more than one Lollipet they are also attracted to each other! With 20 characters in the range there are lots of cute animals to collect.

Lollipets Toy Review

They come from magical places like Cake Pop Coast, Lollipop Lake and Marshmallow Meadow – which sound super yummy. We were also lucky enough to  unbox a rare Lollipets called Essie the elephant from Cotton Candy Canyon – she’s pink and fuzzy! Watch our video to see us discover her!


Each pet is beautifully decorated and you can get fuzzy, glittery, brightly coloured and pastel coloured ones. They even look like sweeties! Each Lollipet comes with a fun character card, a map of their home, a colourful sticker and a unique treat shaped like a real lollipop! Batteries are included so they are good to go straight out of the box!

Lollipets Toy Review

I loved playing with them and the more you have the more fun it is watching them interact with each other. You can buy them in double packs (£10.99) and single packs (£5.99) and they are available from all good toy shops.

Lollipets Toy Review

We found that they smooch when you put two and two together which is super cute and the lollipops look good enough to eat, just make sure you don’t though as it’s not like the real thing! Maybe in the series 2 they could include a sweet scent?

Lollipets Toy Review

They are the perfect size to pop in your pocket and go and I can see myself playing with them lots over the school holidays. We had a couple of races with them too which was funny. It would be nice to have a key chain feature so I could tie them to my bag and affix the lollipops to, as we can see me misplacing the lollipops easily…I lose everything!

Lollipets Toy Review

So what do you think of my cute Lollipets, they really are pretty to look at and I cant wait to display them in my room!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent some Lollipets in order to review, all squeals and giggles are our own.

32 thoughts on “Lollipets Toy Review!

  1. Theses are quite cool. I remember playing with Oidz when I was younger but this is like a step up from that. They are more than just wee funny looking magnets.

  2. Thank you for this review, it sounds something good for kids. Thank you for sharing it! Going to share this with people who will love it 🙂 – Amalia

  3. These are adorable! Isla has been asking for them since seeing an advert but I wasn’t sure what on earth they were….. definitely going to tell her it’s a maybe for her birthday now!

  4. Glad there are up to 20 to collects and really love the color and how they moved. Pretty cute toy! Love how the little presenter in the youtube. She is so good at explaining all the features.

  5. How cute! I love the vibrant colors. The pocket size makes them easy to travel with. I think my cousin’s daughter would really like these!

  6. These lollipets look super cool Bella, and I totally love all the photos too. I am gonna show this to my daughter as she’s been asking about this for a while now.

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