Flying high with my Kitedrone Twinstar Kite!

Dear Mummy, now’s the perfect time to get outdoors and go fly a kite! The March winds are blowing and we’ve just seen the tail end of Storm Freya in the UK. However it’s still blustery so we headed to the coast to fly our brand new kite!

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

We headed to Hayling Island where we were also celebrating my Grandpa’s Birthday. During a break in our pub lunch we ventured outside for some blustery fun.

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

We were kindly sent a Kitedrone Twinstar box kite to review. It had brightly coloured action illustrations on and looked pretty epic! We expected the kite to be difficult to launch but were super surprised and delighted that it was the quickest and easiest kite to get up in the air that we have EVER tried.

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

That my be due to the strong winds as it was blowing a gale on the coast. So much so that we were worried it might be too windy and rip apart our kite.

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

Thankfully it coped in the wind well and we kept the line short and taut as we threw it up in the air and a gust of wind made it soar. My daddy gave the kite a light tug and it went higher and higher.

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

We loved the storage tube the kite came in and it was the perfect size for my daddy’s car boot! It was also nice that it had everything you needed to assemble and you just put the poles in the holes and attached the thin line to the hook. Child’s play really!

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

The Twinstar kite comes in a traditional box shape and it did a great job against the strong winds of the Solent and soared above us. However it needed a lot of control so I couldn’t do it on my own for too long, as I didn’t fancy being swept off into the sea!

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

My folks took turns and I had to hold the spindle with my daddy due to the wind drag. The kite was colourful and bold and at one point draw quite the crowd on the harbour. We could hear the wind whistling through the structure and I squealed in delight!

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

My daddy helped me and reeling it in was a double team effort as it took quite the time and strength against the winds. As it wanted to stay up in the air! We could have gone so much higher (up to meters) however on our first trip out with it and the strong winds we didn’t want to risk it on our first flight. My mummy really wanted to attach her Go-Pro camera to record the flight…maybe next time.

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

We can’t wait to get the kite out again and with Basingstoke’s Kite Festival coming up in June I’m sure it will see a lot more blustery adventures.

Kitedrone Twinstar Kite Review

The Twinstar is available from Argos in four colourful designs including tiki surfers, unicorn, fort and hot rod and has an RRP of £24.99. Check out our video to see it in action!

Do you like flying a kite?

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent a Kitedrome Twinstar Kite to review, all photos… and gusts of wind are our own!

10 thoughts on “Flying high with my Kitedrone Twinstar Kite!

  1. Such a cool kite! I always watch people flying theirs at the beach, it looks so easy, but then I try and it flops! haha!

    One of the best things about being a kid is flying a kite!

  2. I cannot believe how easy this kite was to fly…….all Isaac’s friends came out to play with ours

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