Learning to tell the time with Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks

Dear Mummy, I’m just learning to tell the time at school and you and daddy have been helping me with working sheets and educational free printables, however on a recent trip to the London Toy Fair you stumbled across a wonderful stand which makes the most beautiful clocks for children.

Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks Review

However these are no ordinary clocks, they are intended to help little ones, like me, read the time. Teaching the time is pretty hard for kids and we often draw pictures at school, so my mummy was on the hunt for other teaching aids we could use at home. Thankfully the EasyRead Time Teacher team which make these clocks were on hand to offer us support and send us a couple of pieces to review.

Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks Review

The EasyRead Time Teacher Clock comes in a range of colour ways and is perfect for hanging on my bedroom wall. The colours work well in my rainbow themed bedroom and I love the dial. It takes one AA battery and the clock face has been designed to make telling the time simple. My folks love the look of this and I recognised it straight away from my classroom, which also reinforces and helps support my visual learning at home.

Each half of the clock face is in a different colour band to show minutes past the hour (green) and minutes to the hour (red). Each section of the clock is broken down into number segments that kids can understand with five minute intervals and individual minutes between them. There’s also fifteen minute increments with the correct labelling – quarter past, half past, quarter to and o’clock.

Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks Review

The number and wording prompts on the clock face really help me understand the time and also aid my folks teaching me. It’s £24.95 which we think is a great investment for my learning. By the time I’m in Year 3 I want to be able to read the time easily and without help.

Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks Review

We were also sent the EasyRead Tell Teacher alarm clock which features an alarm clock, nightlight,  snooze button and no ticking hands. Thankfully its super stealthy and has no annoying ticking, so I can drift off to sleep easily. The clock requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included. The clock comes in a range of colours and can also be purchased as a wall clock (as above) and a wrist watch.

Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks Review

Again the face of the clock mirrors our wall clock version and is split into two colours designed to help to distinguish between minutes past and minutes to the hour. The numbers are also broken down into individual minutes around the outside and are large enough to read in this smaller format.

Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks Review

The instructions included in the box were detailed and really easy to follow. I can’t wait to practice telling the time using the three-step time telling system. There’s a little instruction booklet that comes with both the versions of the clocks and it was even easy for me to follow.

Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks Review

I first read the number at the end of the long hand which ended at the minute numbers around the outside then I looked at the colour saying minutes past or minutes to and read the number at the little hand before putting it all together. The Easyread Time Teacher Alarm Clock is £21.95 and available to purchase on Amazon.

Time will tell (excuse the pun) whether this speeds up my learning and we’ll come back in another 6 months to update you on my progress (keep your eyes peeled on our comments section).

Love Bella x
Disclosure: We were kindly sent some Easyread Time Teacher Clocks in order to conduct this review. All photos and time telling are our own.

34 thoughts on “Learning to tell the time with Easy Read Time Teacher Clocks

  1. That looks really great. I remember when I was a kid I had a hard time learning to tell time. That would have been a big help.

  2. This looks great for helping children to learn the time. Jack has just started learning to tell the time at school.

  3. These sound like some really great clocks to try and help your child get to grips with telling the time, it is strange how confusing it can be when your young.

  4. hmmm I can read time easily and I do feel like this was a bit more complicated than I would expect. I think it would be nice to give them some feedback, sometimes simpler is better, the hands in different colors would be helpful as well!

  5. aw she’s so cute! I read in an article somewhere that kids are actually struggle to tell time on the clocks as they’re all digital natives.. this is a great way to help teach kids to read the hands of the clocks!

  6. I love how my kids reach out to me and ask if I could teach them to read the watch. This isbwhat I needed to start our new leaaon on amonday!

  7. Oh this is such a fun way on teaching kids on reading time. Back when I was a kid, my uncles’s girlfriend gave me a book as a birthday gift and it has a cute clock on it. That book was about reading watch. And it’s so fun. Can’t forget that book.

  8. I remember when I worked in a jewellers we sold watches like this to help kids learn to tell the time and it was always so nice seeing them be able to read the hands x

  9. I wish I had this when my kids were young as it took them a lot longer to read time, this clock makes it so easy for them to understand time

  10. I love this! What a great idea! Telling time has been a bit difficult for my son especially for the minute hand. I love how this breaks it down!

  11. My son would really benefit from a learning tool like this. He is such a hands on learner– does much better when he can physically hold something to grasp a concept than just me telling him or showing him. I going to see about getting this for him.

  12. What a great tool to introduce time to your kids. Love how cute it was. My kids will never get bored learning how to read time if we have this.

  13. I had similar toy when when I was little. I remember being so proud of myself! She looks like she enjoys it too

  14. I can still remember how I taught my son how to read and tell time. This sounds really cool and I think kids will really have fun with it.

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