Sweet like Candylocks Dolls!

Dear Mummy, I love sweets and I love dolls so imagine my delight at discovering Candylocks! A combination of my favourite things surprise toys and collectibles! These Candylocks surprise dolls come with super-long, sweet-scented hair that looks just like cotton candy!

There are two different sizes of Candylocks to collect, the large ‘deluxe’ style dolls and the smaller surprise dolls which come packaged like candy cones. I love the look of the smaller dolls and the packaging is pretty cool. Finding the doll underneath all the hair is a sweet surprise and I like that you can’t see their faces. Check out my unboxing video.

These collectible Candylocks dolls are about 8cm tall with super long hair perfect for plaiting and twisting! Inside the case you get the cute doll, two mystery accessory bags to open up and a collectors guide. In the first surprise bag were three velcro gems in different colours and shapes. In the second mystery bag were three hair accessories; two pins and a flexible spiral grip to wrap around the hair.

Candylocks Doll Review

I used the twisty hair grip to tie the braids together and make a necklace, but they could have done with having hairbands included. There are 20 Candylocks dolls to collect which cost £9.99 and are available from Smyths and all good toy shops.

Candylocks Doll Review

The large Deluxe Candylocks dolls are much bigger, about 20cm tall with hair over 30cm long. You can’t brush the hair, but it comes in long strands which can be braided or twisted to create fun styles. The hair is easily mouldable and shaped and not fly-away or thin.

Candylocks Doll Review

There are two different Deluxe Candylocks dolls to collect and I received the Straw Mary doll, she has red and green hair and matching clothes with a strawberry hair comb accessory. I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t smell of strawberries though and the scent was very faint. There was also blue hair chalk included which I can use and a hair extension accessory.

Candylocks Doll Review

Straw Mary’s dress and boots are rubbery plastic and a bit fiddly for my little fingers but can be removed and and exchanged with the Lacey Lemonade the other deluxe doll.

Candylocks Doll Review

Both these dolls are great for beginner plaiting and styling I just needed someone to hold them while I set to work styling their hair! The deluxe Candylocks dolls retail at £20 and would make a great present. The smaller dolls would be perfect pocket money toys or stocking fillers!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: These Candylocks dolls were sent to me in order to review, all photos and hair braiding are my own!

4 thoughts on “Sweet like Candylocks Dolls!

  1. Those dolls do look really cool! I’d have loved these as a child. The packaging of the smaller ‘cone’ dolls is fab!

  2. Love this beautiful post with Sweet like Candylocks Dolls!
    Sharing some sweet favourite things surprise toys and collectibles! Absolutely loving it. Adorable princess 👸.

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