Nanables – A miniature world that comes alive!

Dear Mummy, I was very excited when some happy mail arrived for me! I call it happy mail because it was brand new toys all the way from the States! It came on an airplane and everything! I can’t wait to introduce these brand new toys to you guys which have just launched in the UK called Nanables!

Nanables Review

The world of Nanables is a colourful, ultra-small, whimsical world of imaginative lands with detailed “eye-candy” dwellings with Nanos, the unique inhabitants who call them home. Tiny, tiny little people!

Nanables Review

These guys are so small! And each little building can fit on the palm of my hand! I spent ages studying them and the attention to detail is amazing! There’s little windows you can look through and peek inside!

Nanables Review

There are two themed lands to collect and explore, Sweetness Town and Rainbow Way. Each includes two unique Nanos with built-in hangouts, such as on a balcony, inside a doorway and special places unique to each house.

Nanables Review

I haven’t got the best eyesight and because their worlds are so small there’s a special app that allows me to peek around each house for a glimpse of their colourful world and a taste of what life is like for the Nanos!

Nanables Review

It’s a free downloadable app where you can scan your Nanables house, bringing the Nanos’ world to life using augmented reality. The app unlocks exclusive content, with unique activities and games for each house, the more houses you collect, the more activities to enjoy!

Nanables Review

There are so many little cute buildings to collect in order to build this miniature world! We love Sweetness Town which includes Dusted Donut Diner, Milk & Cookie Mill and Lolli-pop Stars Dance Studio.

Nanables Review

But it doesn’t stop there! Rainbow Way has an amazing array of glittery and colourful locations like Sparkle Day Spa, Rainbow-tique and Twinkle Twinkle Inn. They are so pretty to look at and make great toys and little ornaments!

Nanables Review

I couldn’t wait to peek inside using the intergrated viewer and all you need to do is scan the building from the free app on an adults phone… or your tablet and voila! It’s perfect for extra game play and expanding the Nanables world and sharing the fun with friends. (search Nanables in app store on iphone/ipad)

Nanables Review

The nice thing about these is that they are small enough to go in my mummy’s handbag for a trip out or for travelling and then I can use the app to help my imagination grow. Because of their compact size and small characters they are suitable for 6 -12 year olds. These would make great stocking fillers or pocket money toys as they are only £4.99 and the app is free!

Nanables Review

They are available at all good toy stores like Smyths, Argos, Tesco and online. So what do you think? We think it’s a sweet idea and a great combination of tech and conventional play.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: I was sent some Nanables in order to review. All thoughts and photos are my own.

9 thoughts on “Nanables – A miniature world that comes alive!

  1. OK how absolutely adorable do these look! What a fun idea and it looks like they really have thought about all the different ways they can play with as well, with the app too!

  2. wow the attention to detail on these are incredible. It’s really good that an app is tied into it to help with kids imaginations and to explore the world more x

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