Escaping to Kidz Island on Southsea Pier, Portsmouth

Dear Mummy, we love visiting the seaside and are lucky to live on the South Coast only an hour away from some of the best beaches in the UK. I like nothing better than spending a day out at the seaside, in the sunshine, in the rain – any weather really!

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

What makes a trip to the coast even better are the traditional piers, arcades and fairground attractions. Nothing is more British than enjoying fish and chips, with the wind battering your face and the seagulls trying to pitch them!

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

Last weekend we were invited to visit a new attraction called Kidz Island located on South Parade Pier in Southsea, Portsmouth. We went to see what their end-of-pier funfair and stalls were like.

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

If you are in Hampshire we’d totally recommend visiting Portsmouth and South Parade Pier it’s a great attraction for families. With nearby parking and in close proximity to Southsea Common, SeaLife Centre, the D-Day Museum and Gunwharf there is so much to see and do in the area to make a day trip out of it.

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

We spent the afternoon visiting after a morning visit to Gunwharf Shopping Outlet and it was just the respite I needed. I had fun running along the shingle beach, watching fishermen and their rods from the pier and hanging out at the penny slots in the arcades. Good ol’ traditional family fun!

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

Entrance to South Parade Pier is free and at Kidz Island you can enjoy unlimited rides for just £7.50 per person or £2 per ride. There are also stall games to play including “Hook a Duck” and a High Striker Game, both with a guaranteed prize every time. I picked up two soft toys, much to my mummy’s amusement.

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

My folks loved the onsite cafe serving hot beverages, the Slushie Hut and a whole stall devoted to sweet treats like candy floss, donuts and the most amazing looking waffle ice-creams.

Southsea Pier Review

Of course it wouldnt be a trip to the funfair without candy floss and it tasted really good – even if it did end up in my hair because it was so windy!

Gaiety Bar Southsea Pier Sunday Lunch

We also stopped for Sunday Lunch next door at the Gaiety Bar on Southsea Pier and listened to some live music while enjoying a lovely cooked roast! Great value for money as well and a perfect place to catch our breath from all the fun of the fair. Kids roast was £6 and adults was £12 and MASSIVE portions! My folks also enjoyed a pint!

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

Afterwards I had so much fun on the giant Helter Sketler, the Caterpillar Roller-Coaster and the Flying Airplanes and the unlimited ride tokens are great value for money! I could have spent all day there!

Kidz Island Review, Southsea Pier

When was the last time you visited a pier funfair?

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were invited down to Southsea Pier, all photos and opinions, sticky candy floss faces and wind swept hair are our own.

19 thoughts on “Escaping to Kidz Island on Southsea Pier, Portsmouth

  1. If this isn’t the best place to take the kids, then I don’t know what is! I have to take the kids there.

  2. Lol what a fun time you all had! I’ve never heard of Kidz Island, but clearly it’s a fun day out for the whole family!

  3. I love Portsmouth and Southsea, we were actually there yesterday and it’s such a lovely place. I don’t think I’ve been to a pier or fareground thing in a while x

  4. Wow, this place looks incredible. There’s so much to do and see there! Looks like a brilliant place to take the whole family

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