Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina Review

Dear Mummy, I love dancing around the house and pretending to be a prima ballerina. I’ve been practicing ballet since I was a toddler and even though I’m not the most technical of dancers (I am only six) as soon as I hear music I can’t wait to shake my tail feathers!

Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina Review

So when I saw Ballerina Dreamer in her box I danced around the room in excitement! This Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina can dance just like a real ballerina and I’m a lover of all things glittery and sparkly.

She can pirouette, spin on both toes and kick forwards and backwards if you press down on her magical tiara. I also like that she can shuffle her feet and do the splits. Like a real dancer she performs better on hard floors as opposed to carpets especially when she taps her feet. When you press down slightly on her tiara, she spins and twirls, press again and her leg changes direction.

She plays music as she dances and her colourful sparkly tutu skirt lights up for a truly dazzling display. There’s is a switch to turn her on/off and you can play with her like a normal doll, as her arms move up and down and her legs move.

Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina Review

She comes with some ballerina pumps and an adorable outfit. There are also instructions to help you play with her and she’s ready straight out of the box. It would have been awesome if she had her hair piled up in a soft bun like me and you pressed down on that to activate her, as the tiara can be a bit hard to hold with my little hands. But other than that I really enjoyed playing with her. She’s attended dance class with me and we’ve even had a sleep over!

Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina Review

This Ballerina Dreamer doll is available from Smyths Toys at £39.99 and is great for kids aged 3+ for Christmas, especially if they love dancing. I think she’s a fabulous doll and sure to be one of the hottest toys of the season this Christmas. She’d make a perfect dance partner!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: Thank you Character Options for sending this doll for me to review. All twirls, action shots and ballet arabesques are our own.

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16 thoughts on “Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina Review

  1. That sure looks like a beautiful doll. I have a little niece who is taking dance lessons so this doll would be a perfect Christmas gift for her!

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