Foodie Roos (Series One) Review

Dear Mummy, I’m always on the lookout for something new and when I saw these Foodie Roos I couldn’t resist getting my little hands on them. Check out these new collectible Foodie Roos, from John Adams.

Foodie Roos are collectible plush characters that look, feel, and even smell like food. Each Foodie Roo comes packaged in a food container with a “Peek a Roo” reveal window. They are so colourful and eye-catching and we can see them flying off shelves. At £7.99 they make the perfect treat and a great size to fit into Christmas stockings this year!

There are currently 10 different kinds of snack containers to collect: cereal, soda, cookies, fruit cup, juice, pretzels, gummies (sweets), popcorn, chips (or Crisps as us Brits like to call them), and rare treats. We like that they are animal themed too with cute eyes! Each type of snack container has one of two different characters to collect, totalling 20 characters in Series 1.

Foodie Roos

Once you pop the character out of the tub, you can see that the pattern on the soft toy reflects its favourite snack. They are also scented to match that snack and are filled with materials that give them the same textured feel as the snack. So the Cookie one smells of chocolate chip cookie and has pieces that feel like cookies inside!

Foodie Roos Inside

In addition to the plush, the container also doubles up as a house for the Foodie Roos and includes a sticker sheet that you can decorate the inside! There’s also a collectors sheet telling you all about your little friends. What we like about these toys is that there is hardly any waste and the containers double up as storage for your pets.

Foodie Roos

So what do you think of these sweet and savoury little characters? I think they are awesome and I had so much find unboxing them in my blindfold challenge video. They smell so good and you can definitely figure out what they are from touch and scent alone.

Foodie Roos

I was most impressed with the salty pretzel and buttery popcorn ones which smelt good enough to eat! The fruity ones were also a delight and smelt very strong. I also discovered a super rare treat, but you’ll have to watch my video to see who I got!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent these Foodie Roos in order to review, all taste testing, deep intakes of breath and snuggles are my own.

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