Becoming a star with #SNAPSTAR Dolls!

Dear Mummy, I love dolls and my collection is growing. In fact my mummy often jokes that I could set up a nursery with them all. Dolls are great for imaginative play and I love pretending with them. We thought we’d seen everything until SNAPSTAR dolls came along…


SNAPSTAR girls are a trendsetting collective of 6 social media influencers! What makes these dolls different from other ones we’ve seen is that they come with their very own green screen allowing traditional play to extend further with technology.


You see SNAPSTAR dolls have their very own SNAPSTAR Studio app that is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. This app opens up a whole new world of play. Watch our video to see what I mean!

The app allows you to snap a photo of your doll to give it a different look. You can change the background of your doll, transporting them to another part of the world or even add a filter. I like that you can customise their hair, make-up, eye colour, accessories and background all within the one app. You can also add on fun slogans and make your own magazine cover. This is a great way for me to learn to use a mobile responsibly and educationally, though I did have to get a bit of help from my mummy.

#SNAPSTAR Dolls Review

Inside the box, along with the doll, you get a foldable cardboard green screen to set up. It was really easy to put the screen together and I didn’t even need to get help. There’s also a green stand which affixes to the back of the dolls heads to secure them. Each doll has 15 points of articulation to help strike a pose for the camera.

#SNAPSTAR Dolls Review

They have removable wigs for swapping and have painted hair on underneath which is just as funky. Each doll has their own style and fashion accessories which you can mix-up and interchange with other dolls. If you take a photo of them without their hair, you can use the app to add on different hairstyles. The app was super easy to navigate around and you just needed to swipe for the options. It’s like creating a new friend each time you play.

#SNAPSTAR Dolls Review

There are six dolls available in the SNAPSTAR Squad. Dawn, Echo, Aspen, Lola, Yuki and Izzy. They each have their own personalities and you can find out more about them on the back of the box or via the app. They are £17.99 and the accessory packs are £4.99. Mummy and I performed a concert with the 2 dolls I received which was lots of fun and allowed me to fully immerse myself in the experience.

#SNAPSTAR Dolls Review

Aspen – a boho babe who loves the natural look, Aspen is always on the go and living out of a suitcase as she travels the world.

Yuki – with a cool, edgy and unpredictable style, Yuki is a music enthusiast with a passion for dance music. If she isn’t in the studio, she is dj-ing at the hottest places around the world.

Echo – Echo is a hair and makeup pro who loves anything shimmery and glittering. She was born to shine, literally!

Dawn – bold and sophisticated, Dawn is a high flying diva whose fashion is always on point in designer labels. You can find Dawn rubbing shoulders with celebs at the most exclusive events.

Lola – A positive ball of energy who loves pastels, unicorns and rainbows. She is a kind and bubbly and has a passion for changing the world for the better.

Izzy – Izzy loves the environment and is passionate about recycling. A queen of up cycling, Izzy can be found wearing clothes with a story and sporting vintage threads.

We received Izzy and Aspen and I had so much fun playing with them. The attention to detail on the clothes and dolls is great and I can see myself playing with the dolls and the app for many years to come!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were sent some SNAPSTAR Dolls in order to review. All costume changes and camera work our are own. Please ask your mummy or daddy for help with a mobile device.

15 thoughts on “Becoming a star with #SNAPSTAR Dolls!

  1. Oh wow this is a new brand that I haven’t heard of before! They look really cute and she looks really excited to play with them!

  2. You are right, for a moment there I thought this was just a normal doll but Snapstar Dolls are just so special and different! I love that the dolls have an app that the kids can use to change the background and transporting them to different locations.

  3. Love the look of these dolls and I know my daughter would too! That seems like a really reasonable price for the dolls and love that the accessory packs aren’t too pricey either and could easily be brought with pocket money etc.

  4. These look incredible, and I can’t believe the difference in dolls from when I was a little girl. They are so much more interactive and life like. I am expecting a little girl so I guess I have all of this to come.

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