Halloween comes early with Feisty Pets!

Dear Mummy, I got a right scare recently in the form of Feisty Pets! Halloween has come early in our household and I’ve been busy decorating our rooms with spooky decorations. These new toys fit in with the scare-tastic season, thank you Jazwares for sending them to me.

Feisty Pets Review

Feisty Pets have been on my radar for sometime and at first I was scared at the prospect of reviewing these fiendish characters (I am six after all). However after I got over their scary teeth and nightmare properties we did some pumpkin picking and carving together! Check out my video to see!

After hanging out we became the best of friends! These toys can transform themselves from complete angels to total terrors in a matter of seconds, reminds my mummy of someone else she knows!

Feisty Pets Review

There are loads of Feisty Pets to collect including Cranky Cathy (£14.99) who’s soft and cute until you squeeze the back of her head and she changes into a terrifying demon toy! Her facial expression turns from friend to beast but she makes a great black cat companion.

Feisty Pets Review

Fangs and all, she scared the life out of me when she first transformed! Cranky Cathy is around 25cm tall and seems sweet to begin with and I like her big doe-eyes. The body is like any other stuffed animal, with the mechanism for the expressions located in the head. She’s perfect for cuddling or pulling hilarious pranks on unsuspecting friends. I loved pranking my daddy as he’d never seen a toy like her before!

Feisty Pets Review

In the range there is also Princess Pottymouth (£7.99) a smaller hard plastic doll, measuring at 10cm and she’s ideal for stashing in a rucksack. Her eyes rotate and arms swivel up together when head is pushed down. I liked her colours and she reminding me of a pumpkin!

These toys are really good fun and each Feisty Pet has their list of likes and dislikes, so make sure you don’t get on the wrong side of them! They make the perfect novelty toy for children and adults alike and don’t require batteries. Feisty Pets are available from all good toy stores and online! Now who to scare next…mwah ha ha haaaaaa.

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent Cranky Cathy and Princess Pottymouth in order to review. All photos, scary poses and cackling are our own.

17 thoughts on “Halloween comes early with Feisty Pets!

  1. I love the look of these Feisty Pets! My kids have both been asking for these, they think they’re great!

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