Meet my new friend BIGiggles! #BIGiggles

Dear Mummy, going back to school can be daunting, even for the bravest of us all. This term I’ve had a couple of wobbles at the door. However my new friend BIGiggles came to the rescue and has made the school run more enjoyable for me.

BIGiggles Review

BIGiggles is a cute, wearable new buddy and there are four different characters to choose from; Unicorn, Llama, Pup and Koala. See which ones I got in my video!

Each super soft BIGiggles character has articulated and poseable arms, dangling legs and a bobbling head that gives it a super-comical personality. These little characters have interactive features to add to the fun, as they can laugh, chat and giggle with me! Awesome right?! I was lucky enough to receive Pup and Llama so I took Llama on my journey to school.

BIGiggles Review

They definitely helped raise a smile and made me feel better at the thought of going to school. If you tickle their tummies they will mimic what you say and chat back. I liked playing with their voice changing switch to alter their tone for added hilarity. They can talk like a robot, a chipmuck, a giant and of course me! Each character has its own fun phrases and expressions and can be magnetically mounted to sit on its owner’s shoulder.

BIGiggles Review

They will sing and chat away which makes them so much fun to play with as you can really interact with them. So what do you think of my new walking partners? They have certainly made the walk to school more enjoyable! I even took them on a climbing frame at school and they sat on my shoulder with me!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: My BIGiggles friends were kindly sent to me to review. All chatting (and singing) funny voices are my own…well kinda of.

12 thoughts on “Meet my new friend BIGiggles! #BIGiggles

  1. BIGiggles looks like it’s your best buddy! Olivia would love something like this – it’s so cute and cuddly.

  2. They are so cute! I wonder if this would help my youngest daughter who is struggling with going to school and leaving me at the moment.

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