Making my Christmas Santa Plate with Swizzels! #MakeYourOwnTraditions

Dear Mummy, I had the most amazing delivery recently… all the way from the North Pole. I was sent a Christmas box filled with treats and supplies from Swizzels sweets. They set me a challenge to create my very own Christmas Eve plate for Santa with the contents inside the box.

Swizzles Sweets #MakeYourOwnTraditions

I had great fun doing this Christmas craft activity and it kept me occupied for ages. It’s nice doing something that I can look back on for years to come and that I made independently. Too often my mummy steps in to try and help me with craft challenges, but I’m proud to say I did this all by myself.

My mummy has a sweet tooth and much prefers sweets over chocolate any day! My daddy also loves eating Swizzels Drumstick Squashies. So when they discovered my box of treats we nearly had a Mexican stand-off. Thankfully these Swizzels sweets are perfect for sharing! I love the large blue tub full of my sweet shop favourites and I can see us happily chewing on these during a Christmas film this December.

Swizzles Sweets #MakeYourOwnTraditions
My Santa Plate before decorating

I couldn’t wait to get cracking on with the challenge and create my festive plate for Christmas Eve. I hope you agree it’s looking magical! I even included a magic carrot drawing (taking inspiration from the Swizzels branding) which can be chopped up and shared between the reindeers. Well, Christmas is for sharing after all.

Swizzles Sweets #MakeYourOwnTraditions
My finished Santa Plate!

Have you guys tried to make your own Christmas Eve plate yet? It’s really simple to do, all you need is a white ceramic plate and a set of ceramic or glass pens. It’s relatively mess free and a great way for kids to get creative this festival season. You don’t have to draw a carrot, you can draw what ever comes to you but as it’s Christmas I thought it would be silly not to!

Swizzles Sweets #MakeYourOwnTraditions

For now my folks will be locking away the sweets for Christmas and I can’t wait to share my haul with Father Christmas, family and friends this festive season. Have you been good enough?

Swizzles Sweets #MakeYourOwnTraditions

Which Swizzels Sweets are your favourite? Mines the Drumsticks and my folks love Parma Violets and the Drumstick Squashies! We might save the Love Hearts for Valentines Day…that’s if they last that long!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent a Swizzels treat box and DIY plate decorating kit. All drawings and gasps of delight are our own.

24 thoughts on “Making my Christmas Santa Plate with Swizzels! #MakeYourOwnTraditions

  1. This looks like so much fun, what a wonderful activity to do with the family. It is so important to have traditions such as this one. Enjoy your holidays 🙂

  2. I love Drumsticks myself 😀 Love the idea of designing your own plate and Swizzles have great colour inspiration to choose from.

  3. What a cute plate you have created for Santa! 🙂 That box indeed was filled with fabulous treats. So much yum for the entire family!

  4. Looks like a fun activity for kids to do to get them to be creative instead of watching TV of being on the tablet.

  5. This looks like a fun activity to do for Christmas or for even anytime of the year. Having DIY craft ideas are always great for kids for sure!

  6. I do love a drumstick but the new squishes are also really nice. Looks like she had a lot of fun designing her plate x

  7. Love your Santa plate, it looks so creative! We love Swizzels sweets, they are always so popular in my house.

  8. My kids love Swizzels sweets! The plate looks fantastic, a great idea to do in the run up to Christmas

  9. Oh wow what a lovely surprise!! I love the plate too – my girls would have lots of fun decorating this!

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