Becoming a Hockey Hero with England Hockey!

Dear Mummy, for the past six weeks I’ve been playing field hockey and it’s been great. I joined hundreds of kids at hockey clubs across the country to learn how to play and tap into my superhero powers!

Hockey Heroes Review
Meeting Coach Greg, Coach Jane and Junior Ambassadors Dylan and Zara!

Hockey Heroes is an on-going kids programme run by England Hockey with the help of local clubs aimed at children aged 5-8 years old. It helps develop kids physical and character ‘superpowers’ by unlocking the hero inside them! After my first session I left the practice full of beans with a new sense of confidence.

Hockey Heroes Review
New recruits for Hockey Heroes

I met new friends who were on the course with me and Coach Greg, Coach Jane and the Junior Ambassadors Dylan and Zara were on hand to help. It was clear that all the organisers had a clear passion for hockey and were very welcoming. Everyone was so knowledgeable and helped me learn new skills each week.

New recruits for Hockey Heroes
Practising with my Daddy

Hockey Heroes is a 6-week hockey programme aimed at beginners like me. It focuses on helping children develop some physical hockey superpowers such as dribbling, passing and goal scoring, but also places as much emphasis on character development superpowers including teamwork, communication, perseverance and respect.

Hockey Heroes Review
Learning new skills

England Hockey’s aim for children like me is to have lots of fun, experience being a team player and feel like a superhero! With plenty of encouragement, positivity and high-fives it’s already boosted my confidence and increased my physical activity. More exercise has meant more happy sports endorphins too which has made me feel great. When I joined the course I received 2 hockey sticks (of different sizes) with a special Hockey Heroes ball which was lighter and larger than a normal hockey ball. The smaller plastic sticks were designed especially for younger children to help keep them safe. I also received my own personalised hockey hero top with my name on it and stickers to personalise my stick, Daddy was very jealous!

Hockey Heroes Review
Six weeks of fun at Hockey Heroes

Each Hockey Heroes session is roughly 30 minutes with ‘Goof Time’ to warm up, a ‘Welcome Hero Huddle’ (a bit like a team talk) to create a team spirit between the whole group and chat about the six superpowers, a practical hockey lesson and a ‘Wrap up Hero Huddle.

We played in all weather which was actually good fun for me, less so for my folks! But they also got to join in with spectator participation. I had fun dribbling the ball between their legs! Parent engagement in the session is encouraged and welcomed.

This course helped me to channel my ‘inner power’ and find my hero within, by learning resilience and perseverance during the sessions. It definitely boosted my self-belief in my abilities on the field. It also helped me demonstrate my ‘outer power’ by showing respect to other players in winning and losing graciously and showing good sportsmanship.

It wasn’t all about growth mindset though, I learnt many practical skills such as moving around whilst having the ball under control on the stick and passing it to another team mate. Teamwork was key in the sessions and for the first time I understood what team spirit meant and how teams can work well together when they communicate and are positive.

Hockey Heroes Review
Daddy joining in

Hockey Heroes is a great feeder course for club hockey too! So if you fancy picking up a stick, getting some fresh air and learning life skills then why not give it a go, I think I’m hooked now! I’ve often watched my daddy play for Basingstoke Hockey Club and wanted to join in! Now I can and he helped me practice before my sessions. A new child starting their first course at Hockey Heroes is £32 and this includes 6 sessions, 2 hockey sticks, a ball, a t-shirt and reward stickers.

We attended Hockey Heroes at Basingstoke Hockey Club. Please contact Claire Brockbank at for the next Hockey Heroes course date. To sign up and for more information visit

Love Bella x

Disclosure: I was invited to Basingstoke Hockey club by England Hockey to complete a 6 session course. All pictures and thoughts are my own.

18 thoughts on “Becoming a Hockey Hero with England Hockey!

  1. How fun does this look! I loved hockey at school apart from when it was freezing and a hockey stick knocked your ankles that is but we soon got over it and had fun! The price for hockey heros looks a bargain for what you get included. Certainly something for me to look into when mine are older

  2. What a fantastic initiative!!!! My daughter’s school is so small, they really lack in ANY sports. She tried hockey for the first time, had 6 half hour sessions and was then chosen for the team! :/ She does really like hockey though, doing something like this would have been great for her! Sim x SimsLife

  3. How much fun does this look! I used to quite like playing hockey I have to admit. It sounds great that they get to do 6 weeks and learn from some of the pros as well. What a fantastic way to get a new generation excited about this sport.

  4. I love this! Combining hockey with superheroes is a great idea and I’m sure will entice many children to join and become more active. I loved hockey as a kid, this sounds like so much fun.

  5. WOW This sounds like so much fun and definitely something I will be looking into for my two little ones as I think they would love this! It sounds like a great way to learn new skills, make new friends and all whilst having fun. The price sounds fab too, especially since you get the top, sticks and ball etc included!

  6. This sounds really amazing. I have never played hockey before but looks like a great sport., something my kids would love.

  7. This sounds like a wonderful way to introduce the sport to little ones. Hockey is often a sport that is overlooked compared to traditional sports such as football, rugby and even athletics. But it can be such a fun and competitive sport.

  8. Ah this looks so much fun! I remember accidentally knocking someones tooth out playing hockey at secondary school and I’ve never been able to forget!! lol

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