Funky Pigeon Personalised Gifts – Rainbows and Love!

Dear Mummy, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m hunting down the latest, greatest gifts for loved ones! But we shouldn’t just celebrate amour on one day in the year, it should be throughout the year! So I’ve picked my top favourite gifts and cards from Funky Pigeon to celebrate all year round!

Funky Pigeon Personalised Gifts Review

Personalised photo cards – from £1.79

You guys might have guessed that I love rainbows! It’s on nearly everything that I own including the branding on my blog and youtube channel, so I couldn’t resist picking out some rainbow items from Funky Pigeon, of course some of the designs tie in perfectly for Valentine’s day! Some of these cards are generic too which makes them perfect for Galentine’s Day and friends.

Funky Pigeon Personalised Gifts Review

I’m going to send a card to my daddy and one for my mummy too! All I did was upload my photos to their website to get my cards personalised. I love the card designs that Funky Pigeon have online and they are so many options to browse through, so plenty of choice. My mummy can always frame the cards afterwards and they make cute artwork with our photos. They were lovely and bright and printed on heavy card stock and glossy.

Funky Pigeon Personalised Gifts Review

7 Photo Collage Money Box – £9.99

I’m also saving up for our Summer trip happening later in the year, so I couldn’t resist treating myself to a personalised money box with some of my favourite pictures on! What do you think? Its the perfect size for small hands, and it made from ceramic with space for 7 digital prints and my name on! I love that you can personalise this item and it would also be nice to gift for a kids christening or birthday!

Funky Pigeon Personalised Gifts Review

Sunshine Photo Heart Tote Bag – £9.99

I’m going to give my mummy a personalised photo tote bag to put all her shopping in and I love the rainbow design on this too! It’s a natural colour tote bag. I probably would have preferred a clean white material, but it’s probably for the best as I can see it getting dirty quite quickly with all the use. The photo print came out really well and I was super impressed that it only took a couple of days to produce. The printed colours are vivid and bright and the photo has sharp edges and quality resolution.

Funky Pigeon Personalised Gifts Review

Always Believe Unicorn Personalised Cushion – £19.99

But my favourite item out of everything that I was sent was the gorgeous personalised cushion with my name on it. We didn’t just get the cover, but the full cushion so it’s ready to use out of the box and already takes pride of place on my bed. This is something I’m going to keep as it has my name on it. I love rainbows and unicorns and this would make a perfect Valentines gift and birthday present!

Funky Pigeon Valentine's Day Gifts

There’s a great range from Funky Pigeon to discover and with a super fast turnaround and cheap delivery what are you waiting for? Check them out now and order in time for Valentine’s Day! Plus they also have letterbox flowers and chocolates too! Visit Funky Pigeon to find out more!

Love Bella

Disclosure – We were kindly sent some personalised gifts from Funky Pigeon to review, all thoughts and images are my own. Mummy helped me whilst I was on the internet ssssshhhh don’t tell Daddy!

29 thoughts on “Funky Pigeon Personalised Gifts – Rainbows and Love!

  1. I love all of these beautiful personalized gifts and what a cutie your little on is! I especially love that mug and am heading over to check that out as I would like to make one for my mom for Valentines day!

  2. The personalised cards are so cute and come at such a low price that everyone can afford them. It’s always nice when you can personalise a card and put your own little touch on it.

  3. What lovely gift ideas! I love Rainbows too as they remind me of my Mummy who is no longer with us. They always make me smile.

    I love giving personal gifts to people as well as they mean so much more x x

  4. I love the ads for Funky Pigeon but have never ordered from them. I like these personalized cards and unicorn cushion!

  5. Aww what a lovely selection of personalised gifts. I love sending personalised cards and always look for new designs. I didn’t know you could get a personalised tote bag too, what a great idea!

  6. I love using Funky Pigeon – it is such a handy site and we love getting personalised cards and presents for friends and family.

  7. I love that you can personalize Valentines cards. That is so neat. I will have to check out Funky Pigeon. I love the throw pillow and tote bag too.

  8. We use Funky Pigeon from time to time and have always got some great gift ideas, though the photo mugs look awesome

  9. These are some lovely bits, the personalised cards are really nice for Valentines Day. The tote bag is really nice as well x

  10. These are some really lovely gifts. I love anything personalised, they make special presents don’t they . You’ve definitely won me on the cushion – so cute!

  11. I just clicked on the link and it looks like it’s only in the UK? Are we not able to order in the US? These are so cute, I really want to create a personalized card for Valentine’s day!

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