My first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

Dear Mummy, something quite wonderful happened last week! Not only did I celebrate my 7th Birthday but I also lost my first tooth. I lost it in a spectacular way too! Never doing things by half I was at gymnastics doing a flip into the foam pit when my bottom tooth decided to join me and tumbled out of my mouth!

Tooth Fairy Visit

This little white porcelain tooth, full of innocence was also the first tooth I cut all those years ago. I was super cheerful returning to reception, after my class, gripping it tightly in my white envelope.

My mummy on the other hand had mixed emotions! She was happy that I’d finally joined all my school friends in this right of passage, but equally sad that it marked an end of a era. The end of the baby years and into the little girl (potentially tween years) that she wasn’t quite ready for.

My first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

I couldn’t wait to tell my daddy, my school friends, my grandma, the postie and in fact anyone who’d listen. My mummy was still emotional, stroking my baby tooth like it was a fine sea shell about to be washed away.

Baby Bella

Excitement built as I lay it underneath my pillow and waited patiently for the tooth fairy to arrive. I tried to keep my eyes open with all my might but succumbed to slumber within minutes. When I woke the next day, as if by magic the tooth was gone and in its place was a little pouch with £3 in!

Anyone know what the going rate is for a molar next?!

Love Bella x




11 thoughts on “My first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

  1. It is so exciting that you got your first visit from the tooth fairy! You are now transforming from a little girl to a little lady!

  2. Oh I can remember how excited I used to get waiting for the tooth fairy to visit! I used to get £1 for every tooth I left under my pillow.

  3. It is such a big step losing a tooth – Sebby has his first wobbly one and is very excited and terrified all at the same time

  4. When I was little I got 50p a tooth, all 3 of my kids got £1.00 a tooth. But I have a friend who gives £10 for the first tooth then £5 for each tooth afterwards!

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