Unboxing Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls

Dear mummy, just when we thought the surprise toy unboxing trend couldn’t get any cooler, we’ve discovered Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls. They are by MGA Entertainment the same people behind the L.O.L Surprise Dolls.

Unboxing Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls

These definitely look bigger than other collectible dolls I’ve seen and I couldn’t wait to unbox this shiny container! Inside the box is a foil balloon and a paper straw. I used the paper straw to inflate the balloon and then popped it to reveal the confetti surprise!

Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls Review

Hidden inside the balloon was a super cute fluffy surprise  – an adorable, animal-themed plush pom purse. I unzipped it to find a soft posable fashion doll inside a plastic case and two surprise accessory blind bags. Check out my unboxing video to see!

There are 6 different characters to collect in Series 1 including Minna Moody, DJ Cuddles, Britney Sparkles, Sarah Snuggles, Aubrey Heart, and Roxie Foxy – an array of animal pom purses and fashions for the dolls to wear and swap.

Each Na! Na! Na! Surprise costs £22.99 so I’m going to have to save up a lot of pocket money if I want to collect them all! However the quality, stitching and attention to detail on the doll and accessories plus the pom keychain purse make it value for money.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls Review

I got Roxie Foxy a super cute fox. Each Na! Na! Na! Surprise doll is themed around a particular animal, including a bunny, fox, bear, panda, unicorn and a tiger! They also come with a tag that reveals the dolls birthday and more about their personality. I love the way they are styled and you can mix and match their shoes and accessories.

Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls Review

Their hair is also super soft and bright! It would have been nice to see embroidered faces, but they are painted onto the fabric beautifully. It’s refreshing to see soft dolls for once! There’s already a brand website here where you can find out more about the each of the doll characters.

Na-Na-Na-Surprise Review

So what do you think? I can’t wait to collect more and there’s no need to worry about buying dupes, as each character has a symbol on the front of the box to identify who they are inside – a bit like a cheat sheet. So, I got Roxie Foxy and she had a black triangle on her box! See the sheet above.

Which one is your favourite?

Love Bella  x

10 thoughts on “Unboxing Na! Na! Na! Surprise Dolls

  1. I really like the look of these dolls. Their faces look so cute and I like that they are designed around an animal

  2. These look nice as larger versions of the LOL dolls which I see everywhere. She looks so happy with her one x

  3. Oh I haven’t actually heard of these before but the girls love Any type
    Of doll or collection thing . She looks super cute and I know they’d love them
    For sure

  4. Oh wow these look SO cool, my daughter would love them! She is already a huge fan of the L.O.L Surprise dolls so imagine these would be a hit too. I love the fun and unique way to open them too and your right its lovely to see a soft plush doll!

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