Love Monster on CBeebies

Dear Mummy, every so often a programme comes onto the telly which warms my heart. I discovered Love Monster on CBeebies recently and loved watching this cute, huggable character grace my screen.

Love Monster on CBeebies

Love Monster is a TV show on CBeebies. It centres around Love Monster, a cute hairy red monster, who lives in Fluffytown with his friends. He’s a loving and caring character, who lives in a world of cute and fluffy things called Fluffytown. He’s a little bit funny looking and living a world of cute characters he often feels the odd one out! He has a little teddy for company when he feels insecure, as he struggles with all his feelings. However, he has a group of lovely friends who help him to follow his heart and try not to get himself into a pickle! These include Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny (Love Monster’s best friend) Elder Kitten, wise leader of the Council of Cuteness, the endlessly enthusiastic Bad Idea Puppy, and guru and Fro-Yo expert, Book Cub.

Check out my video to see the programme in action!

Love Monster helps children learn all about their emotions. Teaching children about resilience and how to cope in tricky situations. It’s made me understand that it’s ok to not be ok. It’s refreshing that each character has their own vulnerabilities and challenges to face too throughout the episodes. Love Monster is always searching for the right thing to do, even when he’s prone to making mistakes – he always rights the wrongs in the end.

Love Monster on CBeebies

The TV programme is great at showcasing kindness and empathy to a young audience like me and I loved following Love Monster on his adventures navigating his world and it’s challenges. Bouncy Slidey Day was one of my favourite episodes as I’m scared of heights and it made me think about my fear. It taught me that it’s easier to be brave with the help of friends.Love Monster on CBeebies

Love Monster isn’t just a TV programme and it’s based on the colourful storybooks from award-winning British author and illustrator Rachel Bright. With wonderful illustrations and easy to read words it’s perfect for pre-schoolers and little people like me. Now that I can read independently I enjoyed sitting out in the garden reading through the storybooks.

Love Monster on CBeebies

I received two Love Monster books. The first is called Love Monster about his search for love. Our second book is called Love Monster & The Perfect Present. It tells of Love Monster’s search for the perfect present for someone he cares about. Unfortunately he doesn’t have enough money and is worried about what to do, but soon realises that he can MAKE the perfect present. Demonstrating that sometimes you don’t have to spend a lot to show how much you care and the best presents are handmade. I love that it encourages thoughtfulness and generosity.

Love Monster on CBeebies

Love Monster is a great resource to help little children deal with big emotions. I also had great fun crafting and designed my own book cover and life-size Love Monster out of a cardboard box – perfect for acting out the stories! All the Love Monster episodes are bite-sized and great for little attention spans and available on BBC iPlayer. Catch the shows weekdays at 8:15am and 4pm on CBeebies.

Love Bella x

Disclosure – we were sent two Love Monster books and compensated for our time. All thoughts, funny dance moves (see video) and opinions are our own.

9 thoughts on “Love Monster on CBeebies

  1. Great to read your blog. I first started blogging in 2015 and I remember yours was one of the first blogs I followed. I’ve recently started blogging again, and it’s fantastic to see your blogs are still as catchy and fun as I remember! Happy blogging 🙂

  2. my kids love the colorful and fun storybooks like this. I’m sure your kids did had a great time reading them.

  3. I am loving this Love Monster and my little Scarlet will too! I am for sure looking for this for her as she will love it and I appreciate your sharing so thank you!

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