Pound Puppies are back!

Dear Mummy, you took a trip down memory lane recently when we discovered the new release of Pound Puppies.

Pound Puppies

They were first launched in the early 80s, when you weren’t far off my age and they were the toys you wanted more than anything! They still make one of the top toys on 80s nostalgia lists to this day. So I was very excited to see the new versions.

Pound Puppies

I was sent one large 17″ Classic Pound Puppies plush, and an eight inch Pound Puppies Newborns plush, complete with cardboard kennels (that look just like the 80s one according to mummy) and adoption certificates. I got a lovely large chocolate Labrador with a squishy face that I fell in love with immediately.

Pound Puppies

I was so happy when mummy showed me some of the retro versions online and it’s great that they kept the original design. They are brighter, softer and ready to be loved! Each Pound Puppy comes with a cardboard home. I chose to keep my box and it takes pride of place on my bed but you can recycle them too.

Pound Puppies

There’s not much packaging waste apart from a small clear plastic bag containing the adoption certificate and a sticker sheet included with the cute puppies on. I had lots of fun filling in the adoption certificates and pretending they were real puppies!

Pound Puppies

They have a super soft body and big floppy ears so they’re nice to cuddle and even use as a pillow. Like the original Pound Puppies, they have hard eyes and leather-like noses. There are four different colour variations of the large Classic Pound Puppies to adopt.

Pound Puppies

The Newborns Pound Puppies are much smaller and there are eight different puppies to collect. I got a small white one which I have named ‘Patch’ as he looks like he has a patch over his eye. Unlike the larger ones they don’t have a hard collar, or a plastic tag or stickers but they both have an embroidered Pound Puppies logo on their bottom.

Pound Puppies

They do have an adoption certificate though and need just as much love if not more, as they are newborns after all. They make perfect pocket money toys too!

Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies is affiliated with Dogs Trust and each Dogs Trust Pound Puppy sold, Basic Fun (the people that make the puppies) will make a small donation to Dogs Trust of 11p for the Newborns and 27p for the Classic Pound Puppies.

Pound Puppies and Dogs Trust

We think that’s a pretty awesome initiative! The Dog’s Trust is the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, caring for and rehoming around 15,000 dogs a year as well as providing expert dog training support and advice on dog welfare. You can learn more about Dog’s Trust on their website.

Pound Puppies and Dogs Trust

They are available from Smyths Toys Superstore, Tescos and all good toy shops. The Newborn Pound Puppies are £7.99 and the larger Classic Pound Puppies are £19.99. My mummy thinks they are brilliant and just like she remembers from the 80s, a proper heritage toy but I’m not sharing them with her!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent these Pound Puppies to review. All trips down memory lane and pictures are our own.

11 thoughts on “Pound Puppies are back!

  1. Oh my goodness, I loved these so much and I am so glad that they are back. They look as cute as ever- I know my daughter would love them!

  2. Awww this is definitely a trip down memory lane as I used to have something similar when I was young. How lovely they have almost recreated them.

  3. These are excellent and such a good cause, my youngest has them and they live in her bed, she snuggles them alot and loves them.

  4. Oh my goodness I LOVED pound puppies growing up! I had a mummy puppy called Molly who had three little puppies in a pouch in her tummy and even put my adoption certificate up on my bedroom wall. I’m pretty sure my mum still has Molly amongst my various other soft toys in her loft!

  5. I loved pound puppies when I was little my sister and I both had one. Love that they have been brought back and even better that they are working with Dogs Trust.

  6. The pound puppies look super cute and I love the fact that it arrived with less plastic waste. This is definitely a super gift idea for my kids esp since it comes with an adoption certificate.

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