Twisty Girlz – Wearable toys!

Dear Mummy, happy mail arrived this week and it was brand new Twisty Girlz from Spin Master!

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master

I’ve reviewed Twisty Petz before, so I was super chuffed when I saw these! It’s nice that Spin Master have extended the range from animals into dolls and I have a massive jewellery/toy collection of these!

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master magically transform from doll to collectible bracelet. That’s what my mummy loves about them, as they have a dual purpose and perfect for wearing and playing with. They would be great for travelling with and as a small fidget toy. I also love that Twisy Girlz come with a surprise, a mystery Twisty Pet!

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master

The Twisty Pet comes in it’s own little pet carrier, simply open up to reveal either a unicorn, elephant, puppy or kitty. Each pack contains 1 Twisty Girlz bracelet, 1 ring (Twisty Pet), 1 lead, 1 instructions sheet and 1 collector’s guide.

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master

The little lead comes in so handy as it means you can join your Twisty Girlz bracelet and Twisty Pet to create a bracelet/ring combo. Super fashionable and gives kids the chance to pretend without using real jewellery. With a few simple twists, your Twisty Girlz doll becomes a bracelet and your pet transfers into a super cute ring.

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master

Transforming the Twisty Girlz is easy, simply pull apart the torso and connect the ends. There’s lots of different ones to collect including rare and super rare dolls. I was lucky enough to discover a super rare one.

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master

There are 8 Twisty Girlz (£9.99 each) to collect, branching into tween territory as stackable bracelets. They make the perfect accessory for any outfit and are great value for money.

Twisty Girlz from Spin Master

I can see a lot of these making their way into stockings this year and they are available from all good toy shops, supermarkets and online!

I would love to see the range expand further into boy versions!

love Bella x

Disclosure: I was kindly sent some Twisty Girlz to review. All photos and opinions are my own x


11 thoughts on “Twisty Girlz – Wearable toys!

  1. These look really fun. I have seen the twisty pets but not seem the doll ones around yet. Great Christmas gift dea.

  2. My daughter had the Twisty Pets and now can’t wait to get the Twisty Girlz as well to add to her collection. These look equally as much fun.

  3. These are so cool! I am sure Olivia would be well into these if she was a little older. I can definitely see these being a popular stocking filler this year.

  4. Your daughter seems to really enjoy these. They look like great colourful toys for little ones. I bought some but I’m not sure if it was the same ones for a friends daughter as a gift.

  5. We love the twisty range and the girls have got quite a collection at the minute. These new ones look fab . Will definitely look out for them

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