Snuggling with Twisty Petz Cuddlez!

Dear mummy, I adore Twisty Petz and have been collecting them since Series 1. I can’t believe we’re on Series 3 already and Spin Master kindly sent me a brand new Twisty Petz Cuddlez to review and I was thrilled! *this little fella was secretly on my Christmas wish list after seeing them on YouTube*.

Twisty Petz Cuddlez Review

Twisty Petz are toys that you can untwist and transform from an animal into a wearable accessory. With Twisty Petz Cuddlez you can mould it from a super soft cuddly toy into a soft scarf or even wrap it round as a foot warmer!  To change it back into an animal, just put the legs together and twist them a couple of times to hold in place.

Twisty Petz Cuddlez Review

There are four different cuddly soft toys to collect in Series 3; “Snowpuff Unicorn”, “Purrella Kitty”, “Cuddlez Puppy” and “Snugglez Sloth.” They are available from all good toy shops and online for £15.

Twisty Petz Cuddlez Review

My Cuddlez is called Snowpuff the Unicorn and is very huggable. I love how soft and brightly coloured she is! Check out my video to see! She’s even perfect for bedtime when I might need something soft and cuddly to snuggle up with.

I was also gifted a brand new three pack of the Twisty Petz Series 3 (£12.99) These are the original Twisty Petz which double up as a wearable bracelet. However Series 3 comes with a difference, one of the pets in the 3-pack has a pot of lip gloss hidden away inside its body. I got an elephant and it opens up to reveal strawberry smelling lip balm. This pack also had one mystery animal, which I couldn’t wait to open. I love the surprise element to these toys.

Twisty Petz Series 3 Review

I had fun untwisting all my pets changing them from animals into a bracelets. I even made a necklace by clipping them end to end. Each Twisty Petz has a small sphere at the tip of their tail which plugs securely into a hole in the heads. I’m only six, so I did need a little bit of help pulling apart, unclipping them and twisting back together though.

Twisty Petz Series 3 Review

These are the sort of collectible toys that my mummy would have loved when she was a kid and we can’t see this craze going away anytime soon, in fact we think these will have the toy collectors going mad in a couple of years as the attention to detail and the wearability makes them cult for kids, teenagers and adults alike.

Twisty Petz Series 3 Review

Both these Twisty Petz items have instructions and a full collectors guide inside the boxes and are available in single packs, which make the perfect pocket money toy (or stocking filler).

Twisty Petz Series 3 Review

I had so much fun reviewing these toys and I hope you like my video! Please check out my Toy YouTube Channel if you’d like to see more of my toy reviews!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent some Twisty Petz Series 3 to review. All thoughts, smiles and joy are our own.

13 thoughts on “Snuggling with Twisty Petz Cuddlez!

  1. Who doesn’t love Twisty Petz Cuddlez, it’s cute and really adorable. I am sure every little girl would love that.

  2. Eliza loves twisty pets and I didn;t know they did huggable versions. Will add this to the list for her birthdayt

  3. My kids love the twisty petz bracelet as they get so creative with making all sorts of things including necklaces. The additional soft snuggly toy is also something so cool to own, I need to get my daughter this

  4. That is a cute toy! I like the colors and the twisty feature. This looks like a nice gift for my niece’s birthday in March.

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