Squeakee Minis – Interactive Balloon Animals!

Dear Mummy, we loved Squeakee The Balloon Dog so much that we’ve added to the family! Introducing Squeakee Minis – Interactive Balloon Animals!

Squeakee Minis Review

Watch my video as I take my Squeakee Minis to the VET! Just to get them checked over. Squeakee The Balloon Dog is very excited about having new friends to play with!

You can either get Hellie the Puppy, Poppy the Bunny, or Billo the Monkey. They each repeat what you say in a super cute helium voice, you can pet them, and blow on their nose to “pop” them. These are so fun to play with. Thanks Character Toys for sending these to me to review. I love the colours of them and they are a welcomed distraction from schooling.

Squeakee Minis

Squeakee Minis are now available from Smyths Toys Superstores and they are great gifts at £9.99 and would make fun pets! If you haven’t seen my Squeakee The Balloon Dog video you can check it out below. Interactive balloon animals are such a novel idea and these are going to be a big hit!


Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent these Squeakee Minis to play with and unbox. All thoughts and photos are my own.

5 thoughts on “Squeakee Minis – Interactive Balloon Animals!

  1. That’s so funny that they have their own little helium voices, they’re actually really ute, especially the monkey x

  2. How cute!! I’m a monkey fanatic and I’d even want one lol! This is definitely going to be a hit, can’t wait until my little cousin gets a little older to get all these toys

  3. They come in such vibrant colours! They look really cool and my kids would absolutely love them!

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