Sneak Artz – Customise your own mini trainers!

Dear Mummy, I can’t wait to kick-off 2021 with Sneak Artz! Cool, creative, collectible sneakers that I can personalise and colour in. These are no ordinarily sneakers, or trainers as us Brits like to call them, as they are miniature and fuzzy allowing coloured pens to stick to them. Meaning that I can create my own trainer designs!

Sneak Artz Review

There are 24 sneakers to customise and collect in cute packaging that looks like mini shoe boxes. There are 3 different coloured shoe boxes to collect, pink, purple and teal and have a great blind bag opening, as you can’t tell which shoe you are going to get. Check my video out to see what I got!

Inside the smaller Sneak Artz Shoe Box Assortment you get 1 x white sneaker, 3 x charms, 1 x stickers sheet, 1 x keychain and 3 x washable pens. I like that you can turn them into key rings and hang them from bags afterwards!

These boxes have everything inside to ‘kick-off my creativity and are perfect for keeping kids, like me, occupied through creative play. Especially during lockdown and home schooling. There’s no need to worry if you make a mistake, you can just wash your sneaker and get crafty all over again as they are fully washable. I also like that the pen ink doesn’t transfer onto my hands, but you have to be patient and let the colour dry for a couple of seconds.

Sneak Artz Review

The shoe boxes are great to store my creations in as well, at this rate I’m going to have a bigger shoe collection than my mummy! You can also grab a bumper pack at £19.99 which includes three drawers with 2 x sneakers, 5 x charms, 2 x sticker sheets, 2 x keychains, 5 x washable pens, plus 1 glitter pen, 1 four dots pen and 1 exclusive spray can with 4 stencils.

Sneak Artz Review

I loved using the spray can, which was super easy to assemble once I got the hang of it, even a kid like me could do it unaided. All I needed to do was add a pen inside and use the pump to spray out the air towards the colour. It gave a great spray effect too and perfect for combining colours.

Sneak Artz Review

The packaging is mainly cardboard, which is great, however as a result I found the drawers on the bumper pack fairly stiff to open and had to get a bit of help, other than that we loved this crafting activity. Colouring in these sneakers was a great creative break from home schooling and kept me occupied for ages. I can’t wait to collect more and swap my designs with my friends once we return back to school.

Sneak Artz Review

To find out more about the fabulous Sneak Artz range head over to where you can also design your own Sneak Artz Sneaker to be in with a chance to win 1 of 3 £50 Smyths Toys Superstores Vouchers! Sneak Artz are available exclusively from Smyths Toys Superstores and the Sneak Artz Shoe Box Assortment is £9.99 and the Sneak Artz Bumper Fun Set Assortment is £19.99.

So what do you think of my designs? Which one is your favourite? These are going to keep me occupied for ages!!

Love Bella x

Disclaimer: I was kindly sent these Sneak Artz in order to review. All thoughts, cool designs and images are my own.

9 thoughts on “Sneak Artz – Customise your own mini trainers!

  1. These are very cute! Its a really good way to be extremely creative without ruining your own trainers.

    Although I am going to be designing my own trainers to wear on my wedding day which is exciting!

  2. These look like great fun. I think my son would love to design his own trainers. He does love arts and crafts.

  3. Oh my goodness these little trainers are so adorable. I’d have loved this a kid as I went through a stage of loving customising things x

  4. This looks like a lot of fun. I like that there is a spray in the box as well, and not just markers. It’s cool that they can be erased and drawn over and over again.

  5. This sounds like such a fun idea! If Olivia was a little older, I could see her having a lot of fun with this!

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