Celebrating with Care Bears Birthday Bear!

Dear Mummy, a new Care Bear is on the block! It’s Birthday Bear! The perfect compainion for celebrating special occassions and marking a birthday.

Birthday Bear is a brand new character for Care Bears, along with Togetherness Bear and Wish-A-Lot Bear. Birthday Bear is 16″ inches in size, comes in a soft huggable material (ready for unlimited bear hugs), with a collectible Care Coin. He also has a scent which is just like cupcakes with vanilla frosting – yummy!

I held a very special surprise party for Grumpy Bear with Birthday Bears help. I made a card as we missed Grumpy Bears birthdat rcently and he was feeling a bit sad. Check out my below video to see what happended…

My mummy remember’s the original Care Bears toys when she was growing up in the 1980s. So it’s lovekt to see them back for a new generation of soft toy fans! Birthday Bear brightens everyone’s Birthday and would make an extra special gift!

Birthday Bear is super soft and fluffy and I love his glorious sunny yellow fur and cute cupcake motif. He has a unique belly badge featuring a cupcake with a candle in it.I like the special Care Coin for collecting and sharing and it’s perfect to give to a friend to show them how much you care.

As well as Birthday Bear there are many more Care Bears to collect including Grumpy Bear, Cheers Bear, Funshine Bear, Wish-a-Lot Bear, Good Luck Bear and Tenderheart Bear.

Birthday Bear is perfect for ages 4+. It is available to buy from Amazon and all good toy shops. If you love the Care Bears you might want to check out the www.carebearsstore.co.uk which is full of amazing clothing, accessories, home and giftware.

Birthday Bear certainly sprinkled some magic onto my day!

Love Bella

Disclosure: Thank you Basic Fun UK for sending me this wonderful CareBear! All thoughts, photos and birthday celebrations are our own.

13 thoughts on “Celebrating with Care Bears Birthday Bear!

  1. I remember the care bears from when I was little. It’s great to see that they are making a comeback and a new addition!

  2. OMG, the Care Bears!!! I love that they’re still around and releasing new bears. Ahh this takes me back! I want one for myself (is that naughty of me Bella?) x

  3. What a fab new addition to the range! Olivia currently has a few of the different Care Bears so I am sure she will be keen to add this one to her collection!

  4. I used to be a massive Care Bear fan when I was a child. Watched all the shows and had all the toys. Love these so much, especially Grumpy.

  5. How adorable is this!! I use to watch care bears when I was a kid – I remember them looking a bit different, so it’s cool to see this version of them.

  6. I remember the care bears from when I was little. It’s great to see that they are making a comeback and a new addition! Nice post. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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