Discovering Jewel Secrets

Dear Mummy, like a magpie I absolutely adore sparkly things! So when I received Jewel Secrets I was over the moon! Packaged in bright colourful boxes these are certainly geared up for kids that love jewellery.

Jewel Secrets are all about discovering hidden gems in bath bomb type stones. I love the magic reveal, as the colourful stones fizz away to expose jewels inside.

Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set

I received the Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set £19.99 which contains: 1 x fancy pink chamber (with a lock and key), 8 x magic stones, 1 x gold coloured locket necklace (with lock), 2 x rings, 1 x pair of clip-on earrings, 1 x collectors guide, a water beaker and gloves. Every gem has a meaning which can be found on the collectors chart too.

Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set

The magic stones provided contain the jewels needed to create lovely pieces of jewellery, excellent for my costume jewellery collection. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, just make sure you wear the gloves provided as some staining can occur on fingers and surfaces (but don’t worry as it washes off with soap and water). We’d still recommend adult supervision especially with pouring the leftover water – I still managed to get it all down me!

Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set

The jewels are uncovered by placing the magic stones inside the crystal shaped chamber, locking it to avoid spills, adding water and patiently waiting 3 minutes for the stones to dissolve. It’s a shame I couldn’t peek inside, as I really wanted to watch them reveal themselves!

Once I drained the leftover water, all that was left was my jewels! It would have been nice if a cleaning cloth was included to dry them and polish them off, but I used tissues instead. There was something therapeutic about cleaning them afterwards and making them gleam!

I loved creating my own unique royal jewellery by adding my discovered jewels to the gold coloured heart shaped necklace, my rings and the earrings included in the set. I discovered loads of gems – 20 in total!

The jewels were super easy to affix to the gold jewellery holders by clipping them in and pushing them out. I can’t wait to reuse them and match with my favourite outfits! The pink chamber can also be used as a lockable jewellery box to store my extra jewels inside! My mummy particularly liked this solution as she loves everything tidy and in it’s place.

Jewel Secrets Ring Set

I also received a smaller Jewel Secrets Ring Set £12.99 which contained: 1 x pink chamber (with lock and key), 6 x magic stones, 1 x ring, 1 x collectors guide, a water beaker and gloves. And with this set you can create your own unique costume jewellery ring.

Jewel Secrets Ring Set

There were 12 colourful jewels hidden inside these magic stones which can be used on the ring. It’s easy to clip the jewels in and out to match your outfit colour choice.

Uncovering these stones in this set is the same process as above. Simply place them into the pink chamber, add water and wait. It’s always exciting waiting to see which colour of gems you’re going to get.

Jewel Secrets Ring Set

Overall I had a really fun time playing with Jewel Secrets, during the reveal and afterwards when I was playing dress-up. These Jewel Secrets sets would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas present idea for kids who like to accessorise with fake jewellery and save diving into their mummy’s jewellery box!

Love Bella x

Disclosure: We were kindly sent Jewel Secrets to review. All treasure finding, opinions and photos are our own.

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