Jimmys Farm Sausage and Beer Festival 2015 Review

Dear Mummy, we visited Jimmy’s Farm over the weekend (25th & 26th July) for his Sausage and Beer Festival 2015. Jimmy Doherty is a TV personality and is best known for Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped and a BBC2 series called ‘Jimmy’s Farm’. It was our first time to this festival on the outskirts of Ipswich and … More Jimmys Farm Sausage and Beer Festival 2015 Review

Professor Scrubbington’s magical concoctions

Dear Mummy, when you attended BritMums Live a couple of weeks ago, you came back with an amazing goodie bag. You are slowly making your way through all the cool stuff (inc the wine *hiccup*) and was so impressed with one product in the bag you just had to blog about it. It’s called Professor Scrubbington’s Magically Foaming Hand … More Professor Scrubbington’s magical concoctions