*Sausage* Roll-up to Jimmy’s Farm

Jimmy's Farm Harvest Festival

Roll up, roll up! It’s Jimmy’s Farm Harvest Festival time! Just like a string of sausages waiting to be cooked we’re sizzling with excitement for Jimmy’s Farm Harvest Festival. But don’t be misled by the title, previously know as Jimmy’s … Continue reading

River Cottage Canteen, Winchester

River Cottage Canteen, Winchester

Dear mummy, it’s not everyday that you get an invite from Phil Bendall, General Manger at River Cottage Canteen, Winchester to come down and sample some dishes. My mummy jumped at the chance! She knows little about River Cottage apart from what she’s … Continue reading

Spooky Halloween Fairy Cakes

Baking Halloween Cakes

Dear mummy, we’re awful in the kitchen but managed to participate in some home baking over the weekend. This isn’t your Pinterest amazing cake baking I hasten to add…this is REALLY messy toddler baking, the sessions where you spill a … Continue reading

Easy Peasy – Devils Food Cake

Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake

Dear Mummy, we’re not food bloggers or bakers. Far from it! Actually, my mummy has never really tried baking a cake before. We’ve managed little fairy cakes and cupcakes in the past but never a ‘big’ cake. Originally we were … Continue reading

Our Angel Delight Tea Party

Our Angel Delight Tea Party

This is our competition entry for #AngelDelightMoments Linky Challenge for BritMums and Angel Delight. We hope you enjoy reading and watching our little video 🙂

Dear mummy, it’s not everyday you get really excited about something. Today is the day my little package turned up in the post. A small pink box with my name on it! Wowee mummy, a parcel for little ol’ me! We’re going to be trying out the new flavour of Angel Delight…and this is why you are so excited. It’s not the Strawberry or the Chocolate or the Banana…or even the Butterscotch flavour…..it’s BUBBLEGUM! Weird? You may think so and this is why we are testing it out.

#AngelDelightMoments 1So what is Angel Delight? It’s a quick instant dessert, you add the flavoured powder to fresh milk, leave it to set and Voilà! It only uses natural colourings and is suitable for vegetarians as well. Families around the country have been enjoying Angel Delight since 1967 (That’s before you were born mummy! A long, long time ago…when the dinosaurs existed!) I can’t imagine what the cavemen would have used to whip up their Angel Delight? A T-Rex bone? You inform me that actually it wasn’t THAT long ago. Opps.

Anyway, as I’m only a baby, we enlist the help of my friend Jeremy to help mix and prepare the Angel Delight. But we find he’s as much use as a chocolate teapot as he’s a stuffed animal (Shhhh don’t tell him I said that, as he’ll get upset) So Jeremy will hold the Angel Delight and model the product placement instead.

Mummy tells all my other toys that there will be a tea party after we make the Angel Delight, so I grab all my cups and saucers and get ready. Mummy makes the Angel Delight while I look on, pouring in 300ml of milk into a large glass bowl and hand whisking it. She doesn’t spend long whisking the mixture until it become light and fluffy. The magic dust (AKA the bubblegum Angel Delight powder) fills the room with a lovely smell which reminds me of the fairground. It’s a sweet smell and reminds my mummy of when her Grandma used to make Angel Delight for her….back in the day!

#AngelDelightMoments 2My mummy’s favourite flavour is Strawberry, she’s not too sure of the bubblegum flavour…however my Daddy loves it! Leaning over and swiping a finger in the bowl and smacking his lips. YUMMY! I’m still not impressed at my mummy and daddy mucking around, and stomp impatiently.

Surely it’s time to have some now??? Mummy pours the fluffy mixture into a Sundae Glass and a Banana Boat and pops it into the fridge to set. It doesn’t take long, within 5-10 minutes its set. I don’t think Jeremy and I can wait, so we lick the bowl when mummy’s not looking.

We set up our tea party in the front room and I invite my toys over to play. We decorate the Angel Delight puddings with sweets….I think I’m in heaven, and so does Daddy….I swear those Haribo adverts were based on him! He has the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Tah Dah! It’s finished. We all dig in and enjoy the Bubblegum awesomeness that is Angel Delight.

Look out in Tesco’s stores for this new bubblegum flavour and treat your family to it today 🙂 Visit Angel Delight on Facebook

Here’s our little video…we hope you like it 🙂

Bella x (and family)



Basingstoke Festival

Basingstoke World Party Day

Saturday June 28, 2014.

The Tea Bar PimmsDear mummy, it’s wet and rainy in Basingstoke today. We head out to enjoy a free party at Eastrop Park in Basingstoke called ‘World Party Day’. It’s part of the larger month-long event that Basingstoke Borough Council have laid on for the public known as Basingstoke Festival.

The festival is in it’s third year and runs from the 20th June to 13th July in and around the town.

This year includes the “Going to town” programme featuring street artists and performers. It includes free big public events such as World Party Day and Basingstoke Live and small scale arts exhibitions, workshops and artwork pop-up shops.

We pick up a programme from a local shop and see that there is a lot going on this weekend in the town centre so decide to head in and check it out.

Basingstoke Festival 1We park at Basingstoke’s Festival Place and walk through the shopping centre to the park. We can hear the rain battering on the high ceilings and decide wait a while indoors looking around the shops.

We stumble on a pop-up shop for local artists displaying street art and graphic design. As my mummy is a graphic designer we pop in and have a look at all the talented local artists. Sugar skulls and gothic artwork cover the walls. Daddy is impressed.

The prices of artwork are very reasonable for a one-off piece. So mummy decides to come back and purchase some street art when she gets paid 🙂

Ducks at Eastrop ParkThe rain isn’t as heavy now so we trundle outside towards the park, we can hear the beating of drums and Bollywood style music. It’s a shame the weather has put so many people off. It’s very miserable. Some of the stands and fairground rides have closed and it’s only 3pm! The event doesn’t close until 5:30 😦 I feel bad for all the performers.

World Party Day is intended to bring all cultures of Basingstoke together through dance, music, food and workshops, unfortunately not many people have turned up. We walk past some of the stands and the performers and stop a while to look, but the rain has started again so we retreat to cover.

We head to the food stalls and pick up some Chinese food and a cocktail from Basingstoke Tea Bar. My mummy treats herself to a Pimms and sits in the soggy tent, so much for the British summer!! World Party Day has a festival vibe about it and the music is loud and proud. We meet up with one of my little friends and her mummy for a quick natter and catch-up.

My mummy reflects on when we all went last year, when I was very small and the weather was beautiful. We had a picnic and as I was only 4 months old I would lie on my back and stare at the sky with my friend.

Cakes at Eastrop ParkNow I’m up and walking but there is no dancing for me! A flu bug is doing the rounds and I don’t feel very well. I sit in my buggy all lethargic, watching the rain and as soon as Daddy picks me up for a cuddle I puke on him! Pleasant! Lucky he’s wearing waterproofs and it can just be wiped off. Just like a real festival now my Mummy thinks!! Alcohol, music, mud, rain and puke.

After this incident we head home past all the street dancers (who were very good). We will be back next year, let just hope the weather is a bit better for Basingstoke Live (another large free event) next week.

To see what’s on visit www.basingstokefestival.co.uk

Bella x