My first trip to Salisbury Cathedral

Dear mummy, it’s a wet and horrible day and with too much energy to burn stuck in the house, hanging off stair-gates and climbing the walls ( and that’s just you!! ) we decided to head out and brave the weather.


Our journey takes us to Salisbury, land of the oldest clock in the world and the Magna Carta. It’s a Cathedral City in Wiltshire, England. The wind is blowing and the storm from the previous night has flooded nearby rivers.


We park up and head towards the Cathedral, mummy puts the raincover on the buggy and just as she starts pushing me, it flys off in a gust of wind. I let out a scream of laughter as mummy chases it down the road! It starts to rain so we head into the Cathedral Cloisters. It’s so peaceful here, and we can hear the wind whistling past the pillars. The sky looks ominous, but somehow we are both at peace in this quiet place. A lot of people are reading or silently sitting taking in the setting. This place is magical, and looks like something out of Harry Potter.

Salisbury Spire

The Cathedral is very Gothic and has the tallest spire in Britain built in 1320 (Woweee they built good stuff back in the old ages!!) However a modern aspect we encountered was the unusual font – it looked like a table of water, absolutely beautiful! It’s where little babies like me get Baptised.

We head up the Nave towards the Medieval Clock dating from AD 1386, the oldest in the world apparently. It has no face and only strikes the hours. It’s was discovered recently, hidden away in an attic of the Cathedral in 1929 (wow what a find!)

The Nave

We chill out in the pews and watch the world go by, lots of people from other parts of the globe taking photos, lighting candles and saying prayers. Mummy says a little prayer and lights a candle. We carry on round past the Vestry to the Chapter House where the Magna Carta is displayed.

The Chapter House was built in the 1260s as a meeting house and is hexagon shaped with large stain glassed windows and scenes carved from the Old Testament. It’s very bright with a tall vault celling, so large that it hurts my neck to look up. The little old ladies who guide us through the Magna Carta are very knowledgable and friendly stroking my cheek as I give them a smile. The letters are so small and written in Latin, mummy and I can only make out the words ‘Runnymede’ and ‘Windsor’ on the last line, everything else looks like goobley gook. It’s a set of rules and I don’t like rules so I get bored and distracted by Turtle.

New font

We stop for a spot of lunch in the temporary restaurant. I’m well catered for with a great high-chair and decent space provided, even the baby changing facilities are modern and clean. The weather seems a bit brighter as we leave the Cathedral and head outside. All and all a good afternoon pottering around Salisbury, however some of the quirky shops are hard to gain access to with a buggy due to doorsteps. I bet this place will be nicer to visit again when the wether gets better, there’s loads of lovely cafés and rustic pubs scattered around Market Square 🙂

Bella x

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8 thoughts on “My first trip to Salisbury Cathedral

  1. I love Salisbury and its cathedral! I really like the blue window for the prisoners of conscience. I have also always liked playing ‘look for the saint with your name’ with the statues on one of the outer walls. #babybrainmonday

  2. Have yet to visit Salisbury yet, probably ought, we don’t live far away. The cathedral looks awesome. #whatevertheweather
    Sophie x

  3. I really want to go to Salisbury. One of my best friends is from here and she always says how stunning it is. It really does look like something out of Harry Potter. Such a stunning and peaceful place to visit. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

  4. It looks amazing! I’ve never been to Salisbury, but it really does look magnificent. I wonder how long it took to build, so much intricate work, making an iconic landmark. It sounds like you had a great explore, despite the run down the road after the rain cover! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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