Working nine to five

My mummy’s decision to go back to work.

Dear mummy, one of the questions you get asked a lot from other parents is why you chose to go back to work after you had me.

My family Dear Mummy BlogI often ask this question myself too, why would anyone want to leave sweet ol’ me?

Your decision has been an easy one to make, which is probably surprising to hear for a lot of parents. You love your work.

My mummy designingYou are a graphic designer and have a huge passion for what you do, yes you could probably work from home freelance, but you love the buzz of the studio and get on really well with your colleagues. I know you would go stir crazy at home trying to entertain me and keep me fulfilled all the time. It’s important that parents have their own space and don’t lose their identities. In addition both mummy and I also have the love and support of my daddy, who also works full time.

The nice thing about going back to work is that you keep your foot in the door, as well. Flexible working is increasing in the workplace and it’s common for parents to come back to work after having a child on a part-time or flexible working contract. My mummy works compressed hours, which means that she works full-time hours (5days) in 4 days. It means the days are very long, but she gets to have every Monday off with me so we can spend long weekends together. You want to get the work life balance right, and I think you are there. 3 full days with my family and 4 days in nursery. The great thing about nursery is that I get to interact with other kids, adults and get to explore the big wide world on my own. I’ve become more independent, social and less clingy. I’ve made new friends and learnt new things. On the flip side my mummy has also learnt new things and made new friends while she’s at work. There is no break in her career CV and she is earning her own money to spend on me and help contribute to household bills. Nursery can be expensive and a lot of her salary goes on nursery fees, but the experiences and education far outway that.

My mummy and meShe picks me up from nursery and we’re both babbling away sharing our days. The only downside is that my mummy doesn’t get to see the small things that make up my day, and sometimes she feels she is missing out. Nursery is very good with filling in the gaps with a diary and photos of me.

I don’t think a SAHM (stay at home mum) lifestyle is on the cards for my mummy and right now our family/work time balance is just right. She even has time to blog about our adventures too

Going back to work can be hard and daunting, and it’s nice to spend all your time with your children, however some parents don’t have a choice and need to earn money to help their families. Would my mummy go back in time and not go back to work? No. She’s made the best choice for me, her family and her.

Bella x

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The colours of my mummy’s life

My mummy sees things in black and white at the moment with the odd speckles of grey.

Halftone colours on a blank canvas.

We’ve had an interesting start to the year already. Self doubt, sickness, stress and all round ‘meh’.

This new year I want her to see the rainbows in her life. All the colours that life has to offer.

Red, not like anger but family. Blood is thicker than water she needs to make more of an effort with her family.

Orange, like the ones I eat, the little segments each representing an aspect of her life. Husband, me, work, routine, personal time, hobbies, sleep. All parts of the orange together makes her whole.

Yellow, not just sickness (like the colour of my nappies) but the goodness and caring. Having the patience, courage and strength to be a better mum when things get tough.

Stephanie Block Artwork RainbowsGreen, not just jealousy but hope and the realisation that everyone else has their own journey to live. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Blue, not just sadness but new horizons. Blue skies and sunny days are hopefully lying ahead.

Purple, the colour of Cadbury’s chocolate wrappers. In life you can NEVER have too much chocolate! Life is like a box of chocolates as someone famous once said…you never know what you’re gotta get. This new year, don’t limit yourself with things you can’t have. Silly fad diets and restrictions on things that make you happy. Just be happy.

Stephanie Block Artwork StarsWe love this artwork from Stephanie Block, a local artist in Hampshire. We proudly hang it in our house and it serves a gentle reminder to put things into perspective when life gets tough.

Dear mummy, always look for the rainbow after the storm.

Love Bella x

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Cuddle Fairy

My adventures with #somum Make Dates

My adventures with #somum Make Dates on Twitter

Dear mummy, #somum Make Date is a twitter event that happens every month. It’s hosted and organised by the lovely Pippa of Story of Mum. It gives mummies the opportunity to talk to other mums on twitter, share experiences, offer support and generally have a laugh through crafting and other fun activities.

Pippa sends out a little reminder through her newsletters and twitter to set the theme and pose some questions to get the creative juices following. It’s a great twitter activity to get involved in and you meet some fab people along the way. My mummy laughed out loud yesterday at people’s funny comments. If you need a pick-me-up come along and join in the fun xx Bella xx

Here’s my creations so far….

Last nights challenge and theme was “how many things have you touched today” what, whom, why etc…

It’s amazing what mummies do daily for their families 🙂 it was a draw round your hand challenge!

The first picture was done in advance. The second biro-scribble doodle was done during the event with both my hand and mummy’s hand, what she’s contributes and what I give back xx We were all drawing around our hands together, while balancing cups of coffee, glasses of wine and dinner trays…(well, not me..I was concentrating, plus I’m not allowed wine or coffee) Crazy mummies! Such fun was had and if you want a sneaky peek of the action type in #somum into twitter or visit the Story of Mum website. X

#somum hand 2#somum hand 2