The colours of my mummy’s life

My mummy sees things in black and white at the moment with the odd speckles of grey.

Halftone colours on a blank canvas.

We’ve had an interesting start to the year already. Self doubt, sickness, stress and all round ‘meh’.

This new year I want her to see the rainbows in her life. All the colours that life has to offer.

Red, not like anger but family. Blood is thicker than water she needs to make more of an effort with her family.

Orange, like the ones I eat, the little segments each representing an aspect of her life. Husband, me, work, routine, personal time, hobbies, sleep. All parts of the orange together makes her whole.

Yellow, not just sickness (like the colour of my nappies) but the goodness and caring. Having the patience, courage and strength to be a better mum when things get tough.

Stephanie Block Artwork RainbowsGreen, not just jealousy but hope and the realisation that everyone else has their own journey to live. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Blue, not just sadness but new horizons. Blue skies and sunny days are hopefully lying ahead.

Purple, the colour of Cadbury’s chocolate wrappers. In life you can NEVER have too much chocolate! Life is like a box of chocolates as someone famous once said…you never know what you’re gotta get. This new year, don’t limit yourself with things you can’t have. Silly fad diets and restrictions on things that make you happy. Just be happy.

Stephanie Block Artwork StarsWe love this artwork from Stephanie Block, a local artist in Hampshire. We proudly hang it in our house and it serves a gentle reminder to put things into perspective when life gets tough.

Dear mummy, always look for the rainbow after the storm.

Love Bella x

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19 thoughts on “The colours of my mummy’s life

  1. Thanks for including me on your block. I love that canvas – it’s one of my favourite pieces and one of mf fav quotes xxx

  2. This is beautiful. I love how you’ve given meaning to each of the colours of the rainbow. The artwork is stunning – I shall have to look for the artist because it’s perfect for my Hugo in the stars xxx

  3. Written so beautifully and very moving too hunny. I love this I need more rainbows and sunny skies in my life this year. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry if you had any trouble commenting on my site today as the host is being transferred there are a few glitches to fix. Apologies. #sharewithme

    1. Oh no! 😦 It will be ok…My mummy says things have a way of sorting themselves out its just hard sometimes. Life is hard and cruel but there are bright sunny days too. We’re looking for blue skies xx

  4. Oh what a beautiful bright, happy and sparkly post – just what i wanted to read his morning. I too love the artwork and will be googling the artist to see where i can get an image for my home – beautiful. Happy Wednesday #BloggersClubUK

  5. Ooo I love the purple Cadbury’s! Now I want chocolate. I hope you find your rainbow, full of colors lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with our first #BloggerClubUK, we really appreciate your support & hope you will be back again this week x

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