My mummy doesn’t drink wine…is there something wrong with her?

My mummy doesn’t drink wine….is there something wrong with her? Not a day goes by without my mummy’s Facebook feed filling with memes and doodles relating to parenting. Mums drinking wine as a coping mechanism or a fun activity to raise parenting camaraderie. It got me thinking, is there something wrong with my mummy? You … More My mummy doesn’t drink wine…is there something wrong with her?

Peppa Pig Princess Peppa’s Enchanting Tower Review

Dear Mummy, there’s nothing I like better than a fairytale. Two of my favourite things in the world right now are Peppa Pig and the fairytales of Cinderalla, Snow White and Rapunzel. This toy combines all of my favourite things! I love watching Peppa Pig and I’m sure a lot of other children in the UK are massive … More Peppa Pig Princess Peppa’s Enchanting Tower Review

Strengthening the Mother Daughter Bond

Dear Mummy, you are my best friend. This week we’re looking forward to celebrating International Friendship Day. We think it’s super important to be friends with your folks. The International Day of Friendship is a United Nations (UN) day that promotes the role that friendship plays in promoting peace in many cultures. It is observed on July 30 … More Strengthening the Mother Daughter Bond

Bedtime prayers

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord, my soul to keep; Guide me safely through the night and wake me with the morning’s light Amen My mummy has this little ritual. Every night before she goes to sleep I can hear her footsteps outside my room and the door creak open. … More Bedtime prayers

A toddler free day!

A toddler free day! We had a hectic bank holiday weekend, so my mummy was prudent and booked off a ‘buffer’ day before she went back to work. This was her rest day. A day where she just kicked back and relaxed. It was her bank holiday in lieu. On Tuesday the weather was wet and miserable. It was dark in … More A toddler free day!