#Bootd 08.05.14

Dear Mummy, what’s all this then? Why are you taking photos of my clothes? Ahhh it’s the new Thursday Linky from IcklePickles called #Bootd. A link up for all 0-5’s to show off what they are wearing for there favourite outfit of the week! *Cue fashionable children! Well it would be rude not too! #Bootd2 So my outfit of the week is one of my favourite run-abouts! Clothes that I can run, climb and jump around it. So I’ll start from the bottom…. My cute booties are from Ecco and are silver with neon pink laces. My mummy bought them from Freeheelin in Stockbridge. My socks are from Mothercare. My ditsy floral peach skinny jeans are from BabyGap and are uber stretchy and comfy. My Mint Spotty T-Shirt is from FF at Tescos and my Stripey cardigan is from Bonnie Baby based in Brighton. I like all the pastel colours of Spring 🙂 Stay tuned for next weeks fashion show! Bella x

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12 thoughts on “#Bootd 08.05.14

  1. Love your skinnies! Gap jeans are the best; they’re the only ones that have ever fit Gwenn properly.



    1. I do get so many lovely comments on them! Ecco booties are great! My mummy has just picked up some off Ebay for £14! Mine are size 3 as I have tiny feet for a 15 month old xx

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