Finkley Down Farm, Hampshire

Finkley down farm signDear Mummy, May the Fourth be with you! We should be doing something Star Wars related but mummy has organised a trip to Finkley Down Farm in Andover with our NCT friends and their babies. I can’t wait to see them all, all my little friends. We leave early with the intention that I nap in the car, but I’m too excited to sleep. The weather is beautiful (we’ve been so lucky with the weather for our outings recently). It’s a 30 minute car journey to Andover and the roads are surprisingly quiet for a Bank Holiday Sunday….maybe everyone has gone to the beach? We we arrive at 10ish the car park is empty, so we have oodles of places to park, Finkley Down Farm also has an overflow car park for when it gets busy. First impressions were mixed, as it’s set just behind an industrial estate in Andover which looks a bit grey on this bright and sunny day. However our fears are elevated when we see the green fields and adventure playground. Woweee mummy this looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Shire HorseWe head to the reception and entrance point where we pick up our tickets (no animal feed this time) the staff are polite and greet daddy with a smile. Our entrance admission is £8.95 and I get in free as I’m under 2. It’s a bit steep for a farm but that’s because there is lots of other activities, I think we will get our monies worth. We have a quick walk around to get the lay of the land. It’s still very quiet and picnic benches are all empty and the place is still. From outside we can see the big play barn which includes an indoor play centre.

Inside is a soft play centre for under 3’s, the Moody Cow Cafe, a Pasta Bar and a large indoor play centre for older children. This place really does cater for all ages and all weather conditions. Even if it’s raining kids can play inside while adults can enjoy a cuppa and a sarnie. We explore this whole area, remembering to wear socks and take our shoes off when venturing in to the soft play area. Visiting Finkley Down Farm today are also large characters of Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Princess Sophia. They tower over everyone else and our like giant mascots you see at sport games.

We head outside and visit the far field where I am jiggled to sleep in my buggy. While I’m dozing mummy and daddy set up their picnic blanket and enjoy a tea in the sunshine. Our friends turn up and we make base camp between the Sandpit and the Llamas. Prime positioning for the Sheep racing at 2pm. It’s now midday and after eating and playing on the trampoline with my friends we go and see some animals.

Bunnyville We start of with the bunnies first in Bunnyville, a miniature village just for bunny rabbits! It’s amazing the amount of details and care has gone into their hatches. My favourite is the gorgeous brown Hares that remind my mummy of Hazel from the film Watership Down.

All the animals looked well cared for and happy. We next see the ponies and pigs. And we get up close and personal with them. I try and crawl into the pigs pen as that swamp looks inviting on this hot sticky day. Mummy and daddy go ‘Ewwww no Bella’ at the idea! I get scared by the gobbley Turkey’s which don’t look very pretty and my mummy informs me that we eat them! Urgh yuk! That’s disgusting I think.

Royal PythonMummy and Daddy try their hand at holding a Royal Python snake, a baby one that is! Which is great fun. They introduce him to me and I name him Stan the Snake. He feels silky smooth, not at all slimy or stinky. We are all surprised by how beautiful he is and delicate in our hands. He is a baby though and they can grow upto 6ft in length! Scary!

I’m a bit too young for the Pony Rides and have to wait until I’m 2 till I can become a Cowgirl. One of my little friends gets pecked by a nasty chicken and we watch mad children on the go-carts, screaming in excitement. One of the big Shire Horses from the top field comes down to investigate and we grab the opportunity to stroke him gently. Daddy holds me and I’m unsure at first, but he’s so friendly that we spend a good 5 minutes getting to know each other.

Sheep racingAs we return back to the main play barn I notice this old fashioned Tractor in the middle of the field and can’t resist a go on it. Frantically jiggling my legs to get it to move forward and holding onto the steering wheel for dear life. I’d love to be a farmer. All at once we hear over the tannoy that the Sheep racing has begun and we race over to it. It’s very crowded, they could do with a viewing platform my mummy says.

Children are balanced on parents shoulders for the 2pm race. There are six sheep in the race and from what I can see, they jump over hurdles and fences around the grass track, they is so much excitement that it is electrifying. Very exciting stuff and it’s over far too quickly.

TrampolineWe return to our picnic blanket and enjoy the rest of the sunshine and I even get treated to a nobbly bobbly ice cream which is yummy. I’m addicted to the trampoline and keep wandering off in that direction, so mummy finally gives in and I have another go on it. Before we know it’s 4pm and the babies are all getting tired. We’ve all had a full day and ready for naps. We pack up and head home and as soon as I’m in the car I fall asleep. All I remember is seeing the goats then waking up at home.

So much to see and do, even if you go for the adventure play park only it would be money well spent and we probably could have spent more time seeing the animals…maybe next time.

Thanks Finkley Down Farm, your reputation amongst mothers in Hampshire is very good and I can vouch for that to.

Bella x



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2 thoughts on “Finkley Down Farm, Hampshire

  1. Oh my sheep racing now there is an idea for farmer Nick. I shall have to pin this post now and mention it to him! ased on his sheep herding skills I’m not sure he could manage to race them on time! I wonder did they get fed at the other end of the course as an incentive? Lovely to read all about your day, it does sound a great place to visit with lots to keep little ones entertained. Thank you for popping over and sharing on Country Kids

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