Lemur Linkup for Bloggers in Dorset and Hampshire

Lemur Linkup for Bloggers in Dorset and Hampshire

Dawn at Dear Mummy BlogAt Lemur Landings Soft Play, Tower Park Poole on Monday 6th October. Entrance £10, early birds £5.

Dear mummy, you ventured out on Monday night to attend your first ‘proper’ bloggers networking event. @lemurlinkup #lemurchar

You are very brave travelling an hour down the coast to meet with strangers and I’m not entirely happy that you’ve gone without me. Surely I’M the reason why you are doing this whole ‘blogging’ thing anyway?! You explain to me it’s an ‘adults only’ event, so I’m left with a frazzled daddy to carry out my bedtime routine as you drive down the M3 with butterflies in your stomach.

You see Lemur Linkup as a great opportunity to meet local parenting, lifestyle and crafting bloggers and businesses in Dorset and Hampshire.

I know you are looking forward to meeting your blogging neighbours from Southampton and further afield. Infact one blogger in particular you’ve hit it off with, Laura @mummytoboyz is one of your closest parenting blog neighbours and you both journey around Lemur Linkup Blogger Eventthe local haunts in Hampshire such as Marwell Zoo and the New Forest, passing like ships in the night, so it’s great that you get the chance to finally meet face to face.

It’s a pleasant exchange and nice talking to someone who shares the same interests. It’s not funny or weird meeting someone off the internet.

The organisers of the Lemur Linkup are blogger and business extraordinaires Joanne Dewberry @CharlieMoos, Jackie Richmond of Splashdown & Lemur Landings, Kara Guppy @ChelseaMummy and Emma Collins @docraftsTeam @ThePRMummy

You tell me as soon as you park up at Tower Park and enter Lemur Landings Soft Play you are warmly greeted with a glass of wine and handed your name lanyard. You tweet a photo to tell me that ColourMe Wellies are down there with a stand, they are a newly established business which has caught your eye from Twitter.

Lemur Linkup BusinessesThey are passionate about their new product, customised wellies, which you can draw on with colourful markers and mummy is excited for them.

She takes some photos and recommends a novel idea of using the wellies as a modern art piece (as I’m too small to wear them yet) she’s going to pledge to help them get off the ground and purchase some wellies to use them as a dried sunflower vase in her office until I can fit into them 🙂 Good thinking mummy. They showcased two designs at Lemur Linkup, a beautiful moth and a funky Zebra…we made a suggestion of a unicorn to add to their collection….everyone loves unicorns 🙂

Next she chatted to Farmer Palmers, Chloe at PostSnap and the fab Charlotte at Completely Potty who impressed mummy with her cute clay monsters. One of the most engaging of business owners was Lauren Tompkins from Create It All, inviting visitors to her stand to create a keepsake and showcase her company. Mummy happily participated, balancing her small glass of wine in one hand and painting in the other.

Other notable companies that were there were the lovely Christina at Ware Street Market, the talented Grainne at Times to Treasure, Weymouth SeaLife Centre and Rock Reef but she unfortunately didn’t get speaking to everyone as she ran out of time! The event went on until 9:30pm and with an hour drive back she made her goodbyes but still managed to get a cheeky ‘selfie’ in with the organisers and bloggers. 😉

A very welcoming bunch of people and perfect for newbie bloggers looking to find their feet. We just need to find a Hampshire version of this event too.

Thank you mummy for going on my behalf, next time I’ll join you and I can hobnob and drink OJ 😉

Lemur Linkup Goody BagOur goodie bag was a right joy, magazines, samples and vouchers. My favourite thing was the National Trust badges and memory stick, as a great lover of all things National Trust it really put a smile on my little face.

My mummy loved the crafting magazine DoCrafts as she rarely gets to buy magazines these days.

My mummy and I are looking forward to blogging about our travels to Weymouth SeaLife Centre, Farmer Palmers, The Completely Potty Studio in Bournemouth and Create It All Studio. Watch this space x

See you at the next blogging event.

Bella xx


Lemur Linkup

7 thoughts on “Lemur Linkup for Bloggers in Dorset and Hampshire

  1. so lovely to meet you and hope Isabella wasn’t too miffed she wasn’t allowed to join us. Glad you had a lovely time and something Hampshire based is in the pipeline ;0)

  2. I very nearly came to this but the dates clashed with something Ross was doing! It looks like you all had a fab time though and I hope to make the next one 🙂 What a great idea. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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