Turning up the heat – Funk The Family 2017 Review

Dear mummy, we’ve just been to one of the hottest family festivals on the south coast. It’s called Funk The Family and is held at Hove Park in Brighton. We’ve been a couple of times before but this one was … Continue reading

I can’t sleep!

Night Night Mummy

Night Night Mummy

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My bedsheets are cold, the air is thick, my eyelids are heavy.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

The fan is on, the sound pulsates around the room like a low flying airplane. It’s dark but light at the same time, the curtains are twitching in the hot breeze from the window. They let shards of bright light into the room casting lighting bolts across my cot. I’m confused it’s not nearly bedtime yet.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My nappy is itchy, my sleep bag is stuffy. My thumb isn’t soothing. I toss and turn.

Why is it so hard to sleep?

My forehead is sweaty, my hair is damp creating loose curls at the nape of my neck.

I so want to go to sleep…

It’s 24 degrees in my room tonight and I hunch myself onto all fours, my bum sticking up in the air. I stuff teddies underneath my body trying to get comfortable.

I can’t get to sleep…

I let out a whimper, a sniffle, a cry. I call for my mummy and she’s there by my side. Soothing me with a cold flannel and rubbing my back. She hums a sweet sound that lulls me back on track.

Goodnight Mr Teddy, goodnight Mr Star, off to the land of nod I go which seems very far….

…far away I drift on a sound of humming fans and sweet, sweet singing from far away lands.

Six fears conquered at BritMums Live

Six fears conquered at BritMums Live

Dear Mummy, everyone knows that going somewhere new and meeting new people can be daunting. Over the weekend you stepped out of your comfort zone and headed to London for a bloggers conference called BritMums Live.

BritMums Live Review

Here’s some of the fears you conquered over the weekend.

1) Navigating to the venue – on your own. Well done for figuring out the underground and making sure you got to the venue on time. Especially on the second day when you were running late and there were problems on the Northern and Circle Line. You diverted across several lines and managed to cross the whole of London without getting lost. Phew! You’re braver than me mummy.

2) Pre-meet nerves. Heading to the London Eye for the pre-meet BritMums Live Insta Walk was very daunting – you had no idea what anyone looked like or who was meeting up there. In a sea of tourists and large groups, at one point you were ready to turn around and head back to Waterloo Station. Luckily for you, you noticed other people who ‘looked’ like bloggers. Beautiful 1950’s dresses, phones in hands and large backpacks kinda gave it away.

3) Am I good enough syndrome. Whenever you meet other bloggers you are constantly measuring yourself up to them, you know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help yourself. Questions whirl around in your mind like “do they like me” and “have they heard of my blog”. It’s easy to get disheartened when people haven’t got a clue who you are, but also nice when people recognise you or have heard of ‘Baby Isabella’.

4) What if no-one will talk to me. It’s so hard entering a room filled with bloggers on your own. On the first day you made a beeline for the refreshments and stood by a stand nursing your drink, while glancing around the room to see if there was anyone you knew. Making the first step to approach someone and strike up a conversation takes MAJOR balls. So mummy, I congratulate you for that. You seemed to make the first move a lot over the weekend.

5) Talking to brands and not coming across as an idiot. I think you were fairly successful at this mummy. You didn’t stumble over your words and were confident at explaining your blog to people. The more you interact with people the easier it will get.

6) Leaving me behind. You are always fearful of leaving me behind and feel guilty for having some ‘you’ time. This will get easier and you are lucky to have a good family support network to help look after me.

A lot of hurdles were crossed over the weekend at BritMums Live, you feel a bit more confident as a result of it. You’ve got to know London a bit better which has made you more comfortable about travelling on your own up to the ‘big smoke’.

Well done mummy, have a pat on the back. I think you were a good ambassador for me and you did me proud.

Love Bella x
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How NOT to become a blogging monster

How NOT to become a blogging monster!

Blogging monster

Dear mummy, last week I posted a list of reasons why I think you might be turning into a blogging monster.

This week’s post is about helping you out of the blogging hole you’ve got yourself into. I’m giving you some pointers on how NOT to become a blogging monster mummy!!

Yes you have ambition, I get that mummy. But this constant striving to be the best at everything that you do must get you down.

I’m not saying have low expectations just don’t measure yourself on very successful professional bloggers!

A) you don’t have the time to be like them and B) this is a hobby that you enjoy. Not a business, not your livelihood.

So here’s my ten tips to STOP yourself turning into a blogging monster:

1) Stick to you guns mummy, you don’t have to be on every social media channel. Don’t spreads yourself too thinly. We’re not on Instagram you see…so what.

2) Take time out. For at least one day during the week don’t check your phone or computer.

3) Turn off notifications after 9pm. Don’t be a slave to notifications!

4) Limit your Twitter and increase your life balance. You don’t need to be online all the time! Leave temptation at the door. Hang your coat up and leave your phone on charge for the evening.

5) Blog for yourself. Do as much or as little as you want to.

6) Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers (they are travelling their own journey) it’s good to be different.

7) Only take your big camera when it’s a very special event – you don’t need it for a trip down the shops!

8) Be supportive of the blogging community. Show this though likes, shares and comments on other people’s blogs.

9) Have fun, when blogging becomes a chore it’s time to cut back or quit. Don’t feel that you have to do everything. When you don’t worry about followers and joining in every single Linky then you won’t feel the pressure to make everyone happy.

10) Don’t forget about family (especially in the evenings) disconnect from you phone and reconnect to daddy. *hubba hubba* 😉

Heed my words of wisdom mummy! I want to see you put this into practice soon….and if you don’t…. I’ll take control of EVERYTHING! Hehehe!

Lots of love Bella (your lifestyle guru and blogging buddy)

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Festival Place Bloggers Meet-up

Festival Place Bloggers meet-up

Festival Place Blogger BagMy mummy doesn’t usually have the opportunity to treat herself so imagine her delight when she was invited to a bloggers networking event at Festival Place Shopping Center!

Her ‘Mummy time’ mostly consists of a 20 minute bath with a cold cup of tea! So a full 2 hours of hobnobbing with other bloggers, gaining style tips from Melissa Murrell and being treated to a manicure from Shear Beauty was utter bliss!

The new networking event was organised by Festival Place as a way to engage with local bloggers and showcase stores and services within their shopping center. They did a fantastic job and drew in a range of diverse bloggers from around Hampshire.

Blogger 1As soon as my mummy walked into Giraffe restaurant, where the networking event was being held, she recognised one of her local blogging friends NorthHantsMum (NHM) however there were a lot of new faces too. Canapes and drinks lined the tables along with goodie bags for the attendees.

Beauty and fashion bloggers were eagerly chatting to one another, commenting on the clothes rail that was set up at the end of the hospitality room.

A stylist and personal shopper called Melissa Murrell was presenting her business and giving us some style tips on how to dress for our body shapes. Move over Gok Wan, you may be the local boy (Winchester) but you’ve got some serious competition in the shape of this blonde bombshell 😉

Blogger 2Melissa was great putting the non-fashion bloggers (AKA my mummy) at ease by explaining that ‘it isn’t all about the numbers’ while presenting her with a tape measure to record the 3 points on her shoulders, tummy and hips to determine her body shape.

This is quite daunting as my mummy’s shape has changed quite dramatically since having me two years ago and she’s uncomfortable about the way she looks now. However Melissa put her mind at ease and could easily relate after have two children of her own. The majority of her clients are in fact mummy’s who have lost their style mojo.

Earlier my mummy had picked up 2 illustrated cards off Melissa Murrell’s demonstration table. A pear drawing and rectangle drawing of her possible body shape…and she wasn’t far off! After calculating her proportions she was a very healthy pear shape.

Melissa then ran through how to dress for her shape.

Here’s a quick run through of the tips and tricks she picked up. But we don’t want to give everything away. Visit Melissa Murrell’s website and see for yourself.

Blogger 3Style tips and tricks.

It’s all about ‘broadening’ (not adding pounds but changing your shape by optical illusion).

Balance is key.

Try and emulate an hourglass figure.

Straight up and down is easy to dress but make it a bit more interesting by adding detail either at the shoulders if you are pear, or shoulders and hips if you are boyish.

A lot of the fashion and beauty bloggers were a dab hand at this, but the mummy bloggers in the crowd (my mummy) didn’t have a clue, so found her little style talk invaluable! We’ll be checking out her website for more style tips! A very educational and enjoyable hour.

Festival Place have always been good with their shopper and community engagement. They explained during the night that more events are being held this year to give shoppers a unique experience when they visit in 2015.

On April 3rd – 4th (Easter Weekend) Eat Street is back which is a weekend event allowing shoppers to taste from local stores and stall food, immerse themselves in cookery demonstrations and enjoy the easter weekend with treats from Hotel Chocolate, perfect for when my mummy finishes Lent and can start eating chocolate again! There will be entertainment featuring top celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli too. Woweee mummy! Sounds good.

It’s nice that the stores within Festival Place shopping centre get onboard with the seasonal activities and offer competitions and discounts to shoppers during the events the shopping centre hosts.

Blogger 5While the Festival Place team were talking, my mummy noticed that two beauty technicians had turned up to offer us complementary nail manicure from Shear Beauty. Woweee, now you really are being spoilt mummy. This epitomizes the way that Festival Place treat their customers and my mummy felt very pampered. This is a lovely feeling when you are rushed off your feet at work all day and being a mummy to a mad toddler.

My mummy had a great couple of hours and it was one of the friendliest blogger meet ups she’s had so far. Well done Festival Place.

From your local ‘shopping family’

Bella and her mummy x

Blogger-4P.s No serious blogging event would be complete without the goodie bags. And they were amazing! BlogFest and BritMums take note! 😉 We can’t wait to explore the products and showcase the beauty products in the next couple of weeks 🙂


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A better day

A better day

Dear mummy, today was a better day. For all of us. The sun was shining and you managed to finally get some shut-eye last night. Sleep helps to recharge your batteries, especially when you are feeling low. You feel selfish for sleeping over 12hrs yesterday, leaving childcare duties to Grandma and Daddy, but you were much better for it. Laughing and joking with me today.

You see, since we arrived in Ireland for the Christmas Holidays I haven’t been sleeping. 😦 It could be the change in routine, too much excitement or my final milk teeth coming through…it could be a wonder week as my speech is getting better…it could be anything.

I must admit I’ve had the whole household at their wit’s end! Lack of sleep leads to mutiny within the ranks and discord.

You’ve been low because of it and you hate hearing me cry all night. Big family gatherings are hard, too much pressure for everything to be ‘perfect’. Keeping up with the Jones’ with social media feeds full of gloating families about how wonderful their Christmases have been. PAH! Bah humbug. Real families have real issues.

Anyway, I digress. I saw you kissing Daddy today so I know you still love him, even though he’s still poorly sick. He even made you crack a smile 🙂

It’s all hands on deck to deal with this troublesome toddler (that’s me btw) It’s like a switch went off in my head as soon as we landed in Belfast. One minute I was serene and calm, the next I was transformed into this drooling sugar crazed monster. I can’t help myself, I know you know that.

I must have fallen asleep on your chest tonight as one minute I remember hearing you breathing and feeling you rub my back, the next I’m in this cold unfamiliar cot. It feels strange. I don’t like it.

So, shall I cry out tonight for comfort or just go back to sleep?

Stay tuned

Bella x

Our Angel Delight Tea Party

Our Angel Delight Tea Party

This is our competition entry for #AngelDelightMoments Linky Challenge for BritMums and Angel Delight. We hope you enjoy reading and watching our little video 🙂

Dear mummy, it’s not everyday you get really excited about something. Today is the day my little package turned up in the post. A small pink box with my name on it! Wowee mummy, a parcel for little ol’ me! We’re going to be trying out the new flavour of Angel Delight…and this is why you are so excited. It’s not the Strawberry or the Chocolate or the Banana…or even the Butterscotch flavour…..it’s BUBBLEGUM! Weird? You may think so and this is why we are testing it out.

#AngelDelightMoments 1So what is Angel Delight? It’s a quick instant dessert, you add the flavoured powder to fresh milk, leave it to set and Voilà! It only uses natural colourings and is suitable for vegetarians as well. Families around the country have been enjoying Angel Delight since 1967 (That’s before you were born mummy! A long, long time ago…when the dinosaurs existed!) I can’t imagine what the cavemen would have used to whip up their Angel Delight? A T-Rex bone? You inform me that actually it wasn’t THAT long ago. Opps.

Anyway, as I’m only a baby, we enlist the help of my friend Jeremy to help mix and prepare the Angel Delight. But we find he’s as much use as a chocolate teapot as he’s a stuffed animal (Shhhh don’t tell him I said that, as he’ll get upset) So Jeremy will hold the Angel Delight and model the product placement instead.

Mummy tells all my other toys that there will be a tea party after we make the Angel Delight, so I grab all my cups and saucers and get ready. Mummy makes the Angel Delight while I look on, pouring in 300ml of milk into a large glass bowl and hand whisking it. She doesn’t spend long whisking the mixture until it become light and fluffy. The magic dust (AKA the bubblegum Angel Delight powder) fills the room with a lovely smell which reminds me of the fairground. It’s a sweet smell and reminds my mummy of when her Grandma used to make Angel Delight for her….back in the day!

#AngelDelightMoments 2My mummy’s favourite flavour is Strawberry, she’s not too sure of the bubblegum flavour…however my Daddy loves it! Leaning over and swiping a finger in the bowl and smacking his lips. YUMMY! I’m still not impressed at my mummy and daddy mucking around, and stomp impatiently.

Surely it’s time to have some now??? Mummy pours the fluffy mixture into a Sundae Glass and a Banana Boat and pops it into the fridge to set. It doesn’t take long, within 5-10 minutes its set. I don’t think Jeremy and I can wait, so we lick the bowl when mummy’s not looking.

We set up our tea party in the front room and I invite my toys over to play. We decorate the Angel Delight puddings with sweets….I think I’m in heaven, and so does Daddy….I swear those Haribo adverts were based on him! He has the biggest sweet tooth in the world. Tah Dah! It’s finished. We all dig in and enjoy the Bubblegum awesomeness that is Angel Delight.

Look out in Tesco’s stores for this new bubblegum flavour and treat your family to it today 🙂 Visit Angel Delight on Facebook

Here’s our little video…we hope you like it 🙂

Bella x (and family)



Lemur Linkup for Bloggers in Dorset and Hampshire

Lemur Linkup

Lemur Linkup for Bloggers in Dorset and Hampshire At Lemur Landings Soft Play, Tower Park Poole on Monday 6th October. Entrance £10, early birds £5. Dear mummy, you ventured out on Monday night to attend your first ‘proper’ bloggers networking … Continue reading