My mummy’s sparkly nails

My mummy’s sparkly nails!

Dear mummy, wow! Look at your nails!? Jeeze…you NEVER do your nails. Mainly because you NEVER get the time to sit down and do them.

However you’ve been so impressed with one of your Christmas stocking presents that you have started to make an effort with your nails.

Glitter nails may not be to everyone’s taste but my mummy loves purple and anything that sparkles.

Like me she’s a bit of a magpie.

W7 Nail Bling kitShe trying out the W7 Nail Bling Kit in Purple which you can find online at £5.95 from Amazon, eBay and other independent cosmetic resellers. It comes with one dark purple nail varnish and two little pots of glitter. It’s like crafting and messy play for the nails I think, but I’m not allowed to get involved while mummy hides herself away in the bathroom and I watch telly with daddy.

It doesn’t take her long, 5 minutes later she’s out showing them off.

The process is simple, just paint your nails and dip them in the little pots of glitter. There’s a fine purple dust and larger ‘mirror’ glitter to choose from. My mummy uses both! Her nails are overloaded with colour and not very neat (super quick though!) and I think they look fab and love the way the light reflects off them.

W7 Nail Bling Purple VarnishAt only £5.95 for the nail bling kit it’s a real bargain and worth the money. You can actually buy them cheaper online if you hunt around! My mummy’s used the kit 5 times and it still keeps going.

A great bit of fashion fun, keep an eye out for this W7 brand. The glittery nails lasted 5 days too! They come off really easily as you tend to find the glitter flakes off after a couple of wears leaving the deep purple nail varnish underneath. Ordinary nail varnish remover worked well on the remaining colour.

Who needs an expensive nail bar eh? 😉 Super impressed, a quick fix for scrummy mummies.

Bella x

Family Fever

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