Funk the Family Festival

Why we’re looking forward to Funk the Family!

Funk the Family Festival


Dear mummy, the festival season has started! We have a couple to attend this year and are really looking forward to them. This is why…

Ten reasons why we’re looking forward to Funk the Family festival.

1) Location. Funk the Family Festival is in Hove, next to Brighton’s main attractions on the coast. It’s the perfect setting for this quirky family-friendly festival. It’s in Hove Park, a lovely large green space, great for local families. We love visiting Brighton.

2) Line-up. It’s great listening to new music and discovering new bands you like. We haven’t heard of a lot of the bands on the line-up but that’s part of the fun! Live music is the best! We’re looking forward to seeing Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer (he looks like an interesting character).

3) Dancing and getting our jig on. We’re bringing a picnic blanket and our dancing shoes! Bubbles and glitter! Full-on diva strutting to Soul Casserole at the Club Tropicana DJ Bar…sadly I won’t be drinking *well I am only 2!*

4) Stalls. We love having a mooch around stalls at festivals. It’s nice to see the festival organisers supporting local businesses and charities too! Oh, and the festival food! Can’t wait to get my smackers around some posh nosh. Yummy!

5) Lucy’s little forest school. I can’t wait to learn more about nature at the festival! It’s a sure way to keep the kids amused.

6) Soaking up the atmosphere. The best thing about festivals is watching the world go by. At Funk the Family we will be visiting the Tree of Life well-being zone and doing a spot of Yoga! Sounds bliss!

7) Daddy and mummy might brush up on their Circus skills. I cant wait to visit the big top and see the Circus PaZaz team in action. We’re looking forward to seeing performances from Brighton & Hove Youth Circus too!

8) I’m looking forward to some Red Jelly messy play time and some crafting. My mummy might gate crash the Fashion School and do some designing.

9) Finding *or stalking* Miss Sparkle the Festival Fairy. Well, it would be rude not to…she has come all the way from Fairy Land.

10) Little Lions Soft Play area, if all the dancing and playing has got too much for me I can always go for a little snooze in this area 😉

So many reasons why we’re looking forward to spending the day at Funk the Family. But most importantly it’s a chance for us to be together – mummy, daddy and me! Memories are made at festivals 🙂

Funk the Family Festival is on Saturday 30th, for one glorious day only!

Check out their website for more details. Come and be part of the fun!

Love Bella x

The List

4 thoughts on “Funk the Family Festival

  1. Love the sound of that festival – the messy play, circus skills and forest school sound like so much fun! Hope you have a great time 🙂

  2. You know, I have never been to a festival aimed at children or families before, but I keep seeing more of them popping up all over. I will definitely have to give one of them a try. Brighton is a little far away for us – hope you have fun, and report back so we will know for next year if it is any good.
    Kat x #TheList

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