My mummy is going to BritMums Live!

My mummy is going to BritMums Live!

Dear mummy, Eeek! What have you got yourself into now…..?

You’ve only gone and won yourself a ticket to BritMums Live 2015! Bloomin Eck! Well done mummy, however slightly jealous I won’t be coming! We came runners-up in the Bella Bathrooms Blogging Competition and won tickets to BritMums Live 2015 and some spending money, which my mummy has already spent on little ol’ me! We were both so chuffed to win and our little blog to be recognised.

Dawn Cameron (@dear_mummy) caught our attention with her blog “Our Monochrome Magic Bathroom” due to the clever writing angle she used. This blog was written from her little girl Bella’s (ironically!!) perspective who wished to create that relaxing haven for her mummy to retreat to. Bella definitely had some wonderful bathroom ideas a lot of mums would appreciate!
By James Chapman who works for Bella Bathrooms

This is the first time my mummy has been to BritMums Live and she’s a bit nervous having been to BlogFest14 and not really having good time there. Oh dear. She hopes this blogging conference will be a bit different…in a good way. She’s a bit more confident in her blogging abilities and has come out of her shell a bit too.

So mummy, being a bit late to the party, with only 2 weeks to go to the event, it’s best you share what you look like before you end up looking like a numpty in the corner nursing a drink on your own. Here’s my mummy. You can’t really miss her! Those black geeky glasses can be seen a mile away. If you see her just say ‘hi’ she won’t bite you, she’s just as nervous as you are!

My mummy

Name – Dawn Cameron-Hollyer (AKA Baby Isabella)
Blog – Dear Mummy Blog
Twitter ID – @dear_mummy
Height – 5’6
Hair – Jet Black
Eyes – Blue
Distinguishing marks – Unicorn tattoo on left wrist

Is this your first blogging conference? This is my mummy’s second blogging conference, the first didn’t go so well… you can read about it here.

Are you attending both days? Hopefully yes, provisions have been made and there are some great speakers on the second day too.

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? My mummy is actually looking forward to the Insta-Walk on the Friday at 12:00, before the event starts with @OneDad3Girls

What are you wearing? Black. My mummy always wears her black skinnies, band tee and a pair of vans.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015? My mummy would like to meet new friends and connect with brands.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before? Nope. She’ll be worrying before the event that no-one will speak to her, so a friendly smile is good to break the ice. My mummy is very nervous you see without her baby sidekick. We think it’s a great idea that @OneDad3Girls is doing an Insta-Walk before the event, it means my mummy can just jump off the train and meet the other bloggers under the London Eye. It gives her the opportunity to say hello without being in a pressurised room and take some cool photos.

So now we’ve shared with you, is anyone else going on the Insta-Walk or going to be at BritMums Live on the Friday so she can track you down and say hi? The full BritMums Live agenda has been posted and it looks awesome!

She’s looking forward to seeing some of our online friends and saying hello 🙂

Pippa Story of Mum @storyofmum
Em @snowingindoors
Aby @youbabymemummy
Victoria @vicwelton
Amy @AmyCooperEM
Amy @2boys1mum
Zena @zenas_suitcase
Kaz @IcklePicklex
Claire @clairejustineo
Kara @ChelseaMamma
Karen @Minitravllers

I’d love if you give her a gentle prod or a friendly smile 🙂

Love Bella and her very nervous mummy.


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18 thoughts on “My mummy is going to BritMums Live!

  1. Aww…I’ll look out for your mummy! Or she can look out for the mummy standing in the corner staring into her coffee cup, hoping it’ll start talking to her!! Haha I’m thinking of doing the Insta Walk too xx

      1. haha I will do!! And will most likely see her on the Insta Walk. It’s my favourite part of London down by the river so not sure I can miss it even if I needed to!! x

  2. Well done on winning the ticket and I’m so looking forward to meeting you. There is no way your gonna have a bad time at Britmums! I’m thinking of doing the instawalk, so hopefully will get to say Hi then! It’s going to be amazing 🙂

  3. Well done! If you’ve been to BlogFest that makes you a veritable veteran compared to the mass of first-timers (including me) who will be descending all doey-eyed and innocent on BritMums Live … 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry that your mummy had such a tough time at BlogFest… I’ve never been, but have been to BritMums Live 3 times before and I can honestly say that I have found it to be a super friendly place. You tell your mummy that there are places to perch for lunch, lots of breaks and chances to chat, and that if she finds herself feeling lonely and out of place, all she needs to do is tweet one of us to find out where we are and we’ll welcome her with open arms!! Let’s make BritMums Live a GREAT weekend for your mummy…

  5. Hope your mum has a really fab time. I’m still not sure I’m going but I think those going are really friendly and no one will feel left out. Your mum has got a lovely list of those you’re looking forward to meeting 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Hey love, well done on winning 🙂 Im going and will keep an eye out for the unicorn tattoo – won’t make the Insta walk unfortunately but hopefully hook up with you at some point over the two days xx #TwinklyTuesdays

  7. Well done on winning the tickets! I shall be there looking out for you! Am thinking about doing the instawalk but not sure yet – I actually work right by the eye – I could have just taken a half day hehe! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday and see you next week!

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