Taking me to BritMums

Baby On A Stick

#babyonastick at #BritMumsLive

As some of you will know, my mummy is heading to BritMums Live in London this weekend. It’s a massive conference for parenting and lifestyle bloggers. Sadly I cannot make it, I have a prior engagement with Daddy and CBeebies. *I’ve been waiting weeks for some daddy and daughter only time*

However, my mummy didn’t want me missing out on all the fabulous updates and photo opportunities with other bloggers. So….she is taking me with her….on a stick! Yes, you heard me correctly…my mummy is printing out my face and putting me on a home-made selfie stick so I can appear in all her photos on the days she’s hobnobbing with other bloggers.


It means I can participate in the Insta-Walk and get to pose with some of London’s famous landmarks. So keep an eye on our Instagram account and #babyonastick across Twitter and Facebook.

I’m sure my mummy will catch up with me when she returns on Sunday to give me a debrief of the conference, what I missed, who was there etc..

So if you see my mummy walking around with a baby face sticking out of her bag…come over and say hi and get your photo taken with me!


Next time I’ll hopefully get to meet you all, but as I can’t string a sentence together yet…its probably for the best (unless you can translate toddler speak).

My mummy will see some of you later!

Love Baby Isabella
AKA Baby on a Stick.

2 thoughts on “Taking me to BritMums

  1. That is such a cute idea, your mummy is very smart indeed! Look forward to meeting her on the Insta Walk and getting a selfie with “you” (on a stick!) Xx

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